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Forget about watching DVD movies with Intel GMA4500 GPU?


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I'm an absolute beginner on OSX86, i.e. I've never installed MAC OS X 10.x on any hardware so far.


I'd like to install MAC OS X 10.5.x (preferably 10.5.8) to my Lenovo N500 3000, which contains Intel GMA4500M as the graphics processor chip.


However, while I was browsing the Hardware Components and Drivers forum's "Graphics Cards Subscribe - Intel" section I've come across this post which wrote


Forget about watching DVD movies with Intel GMA4500


Could he/she be referring to MAC OS X 10.6.x for this? He/she didn't explicitly say that I can watch DVD movies with 10.5.x installed on an Laptop with Intel GMA4500 GPU.


I'm planning to install 10.5.x on my Lenovo with Intel GMA4500M GPU, so I need clarification about it before I start, thanks.

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There is no native support for GMA4500 on any versions of OSX. No QE/CI, no graphics acceleration, no movie.


Hope it answered your queries.


Thanks, it answered the question.


Then there's no point in installing Mac OS X to this laptop with that GPU, I guess. I 'll search for the possibility of replacing its GPU now because I'm intent on using it with MAC OS X.

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Thank you for the suggestion.


The Laptop I was talking about had Ubuntu on it and I had forgotten its root password. Therefore I wasn't able to check its hardware specs from the first hand and could only tell from the Lenovo N500 3000 specs I found on the Internet.


But later I got my hands on its Ubuntu as root and checked with the HW specs (usign the command #lshw -c display) and I saw nVidia GeForce 9300M as the GPU (what a nice surprise) I also learned that my model of Lenovo was NS76QTX and verified its GPU also on the Internet (here, one example


So, now the question becomes:


Do OSX86 natively support GeForce 9300M?


I ask this because at the OSX86 Apple Hardware pages GeForce 9300M is not listed, though a very similar 9400M is present.


Just want to make sure that this Laptop is natively fit for the OSX86, thanks.

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