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Gparted back stabbed me


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To install mac osx i followed this guide exactly:



Everything went fine with OSx but the Gparted ditched me.


I booted from the Gparted cd and it asked me few options but when the time comes to load the desktop thingy of it so that I can select the Windows partition for boot then it dies. It simple shows a blank screen and computer hangs.


What to do now ? I am stuck and I cannot boot to Windows or Mac OSx.


Please help me fix this :(



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I had Ubuntu live cd and it worked from there. Then I did Windows recovery from Windows DVD and then i had installed EasyBCD. Only this took me 4 hours to complete.


Anyways after all this the osx booted at last but then it won't get beyond the screen where it asks if i want to import my data from other macs etc. I kept on checking the option that I don't want to import data and pressed continue but it would then again start the wizard.


After trying 7-8 times I just simply deleted the osx partition and ended the story and went to bed. Sad!


The step by step guides on wiki are obsolete and just time wasting. Windows 7 does'nt have boot.ini file. So you cannot use that chain0 thing.


Then osx was not able to detect my Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard then it won't go beyond the Import data screen..totally stupid.



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