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Computer unstable at stock speed; fine overclocked DELETE

el lissitzky

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So I've stumbled upon an interesting little issue. I've had a computer that consists of mostly the same parts since 2007 and I've been running various hackintosh configurations for about a year and a half with little to no major issues. Amidst getting a new video card(8800GTS ate {censored}, had bios artifacts and would not boot) I saw a concern for temperature that I had never considered. I noticed my CPU runs abnormally high during casual use (web browsing, ichat). I'm looking at 64C degrees right now. Now I realized maybe it was attributed to running the automatic light overclock setting on my board (i've been running this since 2007). I'm 100% certain when I first had the computer it worked but now when I try to set the speed setting to default, the computer will not boot and becomes unstable in the bios and boot screen for osx. I'm wondering if maybe temperature was even the cause in my GPU dying but then again I had it since 2007 and it was a replacement because the first one they sent me was artifacting and unstable after a few weeks(prehackintosh). Any info would be helpful. I may have just opened up a whole nother world of troubleshooting that I don't want to deal with.

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