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Pentium Core Duo or Core 2 Duo


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Whats the difference between the Pentium Core Duo and Core 2 Duo. Will the Pentium Core Duo (2.7Ghz) be fast enough for a hackintosh, or would a slowed C2D with a slower clock speed be better. I'm trying to build my son a cheap hackintosh that would be a reasonable games machine (he has a macbook air that cant play games).



If this hackintosh works out well, I will sell my 2006 Intel iMac 2.16Ghz and build an i5/i7 hackintosh.




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Be careful.


"Core (2) Duo" is a marketing name for a specific family of CPUs, "Pentium" is a marketing name for another family of CPUs.


Unfortunately there are situations where the two overlap, there are Pentium branded CPUs that use the "Core" microarchitecture and older Pentium branded CPUs that don't.


"Dual Core" is a general technical term that means the CPU has two cores, such as a Pentium D or an Athlon X2 for example (I know you are aware of this, it's just for completions sake)


Generally, a Core 2 Duo will be faster than a Pentium Dual Core and several times faster than the older Pentium D.


Only "Core microarchitecture" CPUs can use an unmodified OS X kernel. Before deciding which CPU you buy, make sure that it's a Core-family CPU. IIRC you should be looking at "Conroe/Allendale" CPUs and up (don't take my word for it, do your own research):


It's possible to install OS X on a system with a non-core microarchitecture CPU (AMD, Pentium M, 4, D) but it's a hassle as you need to use a patched kernel and jump through hoops if you want to keep the system updated.

Don't worry about clock frequency, any Core 2 Duo CPU will be fast enough to play current games.


You can read about this in detail on Wikipedia and on Intel's website.

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