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Kp and Keyboard/Mouse freezes with iwidarwin?


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i have finally got most things working on my nc4200, but after i install a new chameleon, when i boot, about after 3 seconds of loading the desktop, my mouse and keyboard freeze. i can use a usb keyboard and mouse, but obviously, i want the built on one to work.


i read on a official apple post that this one person had the same, but really strangely when she turned her internet off (pulling ethanet out the back of her mac,), her mouse and keyboard was working again. i tried it (it's wifi so i turned the card off by the on and off button) and to my surprise, it works again.


now when i turn my wifi back on again, i get a KP when loading safari.


so then i read that one bloke said it worked in -F boot flags. so i tried that. yes my mouse and keyboard worked. i turned my internet on again. No kP (YAY!) then i went to go and click on Google search field, when my mouse and keyboard did not work again :D


this is almost taking the mic. i've searched around, and I'm the only one like it. any help will be appreciated

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