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Old hardware compatibility?

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I'm already building my new "Mac", but for the {censored}-and-giggles factor, I was wondering if there was any way of getting OS X to run on my old-ass Compaq mistake.


1.5 GHz P4 (SSE2, no SSE3)

384 MB RAM

Linksys Ethernet

Some POS Sound Blaster card that I know is unsupported.

NVidia GeForce 2 (Yeah, laugh it up)


Snowball's chance in hell?

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Yes, it will run.HORRIBLY might I add. You might have to do some upgrading though...


Like the ram. That's not gonna cut it. RD-Ram is horrible itself. It's honestly not worth it to run Mac on that.


Hence why:


I'm already building my new "Mac"



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Since at the moment I don't have the $$$ to build myself a new hackintosh, I used a bunch of parts I had laying around my house (I work for a school and get free parts all the time)


My Hackintosh:

-1.5Ghz Willamette P4

-Intel 845DW Motherboard

*Built in Sound and all other features work

-512 MB PC133

-40GB Hard Drive

-SMC Ethernet (3c905CX-TX-M)

-Graphics: Martox G400 AGP with latest BIOS (VESA 3.0 1024x768- NO QE/CI)

- Sony CD-RW and DVD Drives


The system worked great with no tweaks being necessary after install (using JAS 10.4.6 with Intel SSE2 Patch). The only thing that is disappointing to me about it is the lack of video acceleration, but this was the only card I had around that was on the HCL. I think its performance is much better than both my old iMac G3 600 and my brother's 800mhz emac with a gig of ram. Its really only used for websurfing and basic word processing at the moment, but its speed is very impressive (much better than windoze). At any rate I got a much faster mac out of 4+yr old pc equipment :offtopic:

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