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Problems in triple boot using grub2


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Hi everybody im new here in the forum and i got a little problem using grub2, well before starting ive been searching on the forum as on the net and i foung very topic with information about my problem but i cant slove it thats why im posting this topic.


then as im new if this topic is out side or wherever please tell me to change it to the correct side, and finally sorry for my speling and my english im a spanish user so if u can explain me this in spanish ill thank you very much if u dont it doesnt matter.


So lets the point i got an acer aspire one zg5 and ive changed the 160GB hdd for a 250GB hdd that a friend give me as a present (it suppose doesnt works but it doesent works the 10 first GB and the other part of the disk was ok) so before the change i had win7 and ubuntu 10.04 and when i changed the hdd i installed mac ox and my partition table look like i show:


10GB------free space (the part that doesent works on the hdd)

140GB-----Win7 (for my job i need more space here)

40GB-----Mac OS X (i instaled kalway 10.5.2 because it was the only version that works on my netbook)

42GB-----Ubuntu 10.04 (there are 2 partitions the first one is about 40GB and its for the system, documents,home,etc and the other 2GB as SWAP area)


between each partition ive left some MB as free space otherwise no one of the Operative systems works.


Now as you can imagine i installed first win7 and then mac OSX when i finished i could select each Operative System and i can choise one of them using the darwin boot loader so i get the dual boot. but when i installed ubuntu 10.04 and the instalation finishes i get GRUB2 as boot loader and my grub menu shows the following options:


ubuntu 10.04.....

ubutnu 10.04 recovery mode...

memory test

windows 7...

Mac OSX (32 bits)

Mac OSX (64 bits)


And i can enter into win7 and ubuntu but i cant enter into Mac OS X if i select Mac OSX (32 bits) my screen gets black and it get locked and i cant do anything; if i select Mac OSX (64 bits) apears a mensage that says that the selected architecture isnt for my cpu chipset (something totaly logical). And thats my problem as aditional information i add a copy of my grub.cfg




If anybody know how to set the darwin as default boot loader or how to fix my problem with grub2 please telle me. Have a nice day

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