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Intel 980x install help


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Motherboard: EVGA Classified 760

CPU: Intel 980x

Memory: 6GB 1866Mhz

Video card: EVGA 210

HDD: Samsung 1TB


BIOS settings info:


All defaults EXCEPT:


I've got the main HDD controller set to ACHI

Other HDD controllers disabled

1 ethernet port disabled

1394 disabled

Only 1 CPU core operating


Bootting with Easy EFI CDROM goes OK to boot choice screen; insert retail OSX 10.6.3 DVD with these parameters:


-v -x -f cpus=1 busratio=25 -legacy


See attached photo for kernel panic.


What should I be doing different?




- John


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More info:


Boot CD used for previous example was randomboot. Sorry I neglected to leave that out.


Have now tried iATKOS S3_version2.iso and using the same command line boot parameters, it now installs to the hard disk OK for the first phase. Upon reboot, booting from the hard disk with the same parameters, causes a reboot after loading many files from the hard disk. I noticed that (at least from on screen messages) that this is not using the "legacy" kernel, but the MACH kernel, even though I specified legacy. When not using any parameters the reboot comes very quickly after loading only a few files.


Any help would be appreciated.


- John

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"Evga X58 SLI Classified (E760) Bios 74 - I'm pretty sure this works with the X58 SLI Vanilla (E758) as well. Vanilla DSDT attached below; Edited DSDT came from this post http://osx86.net/f57/guide-evga-x58-sno ... 49055.html


I also have an edited DSDT that enables dual video cards (SLI), but it needs to be coupled with Aquamac's dual card string method. If anyone needs this, feel free to PM me."


Get the DSDT from here and try it...

Link to helping you


DSDT Download


Vanilla Install EVGA X58


Vanilla install from another Mac or VM with OSX will by far be the best.


I've seen your board running SL with a 980x. Not sure if the DSDT needs to be modified before moving from a 920 or not but something is telling me you need the correct


<key>Kernel Flags</key>



Its not "20" for sure.

10.6.4 native kernel works


try booting with cpu=1 and in safe mode to


Its around here on insanelymac. If I stumble on it will post link.

You can edit your DSDT to allow the other cores to run if not it will be running on 4 and not 6 physical cores.

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