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KP after replacing E5200 to Q9400


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Dear All


Need some help here:

As topic a working 64bit Vanila 10.6.4 with edited DSDT.aml (RTC FIX only), Chameleon RC4 boot fine but KP right after hit RETURN. Same set-up with the new Q9400; W7 & XP worked, so rule out other hardware base issue. My Q is do I need to re-do the DSDT in order to boot with the new processor, having said that year ago when I upgrade the E2140 to E5200 it just work may be that's the different between Leopard & SL. The MB Bios set-up as usual AHCI & 64bit enabled...

If the new DSDT is needed how can I do that, I try DSDTPatcher on window side but fail when compile. Lastly my MB is J&W P35 Pro.



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