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  1. Someone with Quadro 4000 mac edition?

    Aeros, Got one @work place....Let me know what to do Cheers/blackfire920
  2. Acer V5-171BIOS 2.13

    Crabhunter Tks, BTW is your ethernet work(not Wifi), cause apart from the mic a working lan port is also needed acording to some other comments in the past...I've a benq s42, mic is working but not the lan port so dictation is no go for me. Again Big TKS for your help Cheers/Daryl
  3. Acer V5-171BIOS 2.13

    Hi, All Can anyone tell me; is dictation work on the V5-171...? Cause plan to hve this baby for more office paper work. Cheers/Blackfire920
  4. Attempting ML on Samsung NP550 Series 5

    Dave, forcing bios is for my old benq s42 only, not the Samsung np550... Of course if it can be done on the np550, I'll.get one ASAP for on location quick edit...one last thing is the latest MBP also have the same dual graphics chip or Nvidia only...? Found, Mbp have both: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4152 Oh in that case... any light on how to forcing nvidia only on the np550.....
  5. Attempting ML on Samsung NP550 Series 5

    TakeawayDave, What about the Nvidia GT650M, still no light right...? the other day I've run into a Hong Kong version and there's no option to disable the HD4000 or GT650M @ bios level... the reason behind is I've a Benq S42, also with dual graphics(GT9400 & Intel HD one, forgot the numbering) in order to made the Nvidia work hve to flash a Nvidia graphics only bios....may be our hack don't like optimus.. :wink2:
  6. Latest Treat for Esi MAYA 44e

    Dear All With the latest kext, I'm able to use maya44e on 64Bit 10.6.8, TKS for that, but not Lion 10.7.0 & 10.7.1, card is live under System Preferences/audio, Audio MIDI Setup also, but grey out on desktop speaker bar, any thought... Anyone get this new kext work under Lion, please chip in Cheers/Balckfire920
  7. Latest Treat for Esi MAYA 44e

    Dear All Just found out this: http://download.esi-audio.com/?w=esi&p...mp;g=1&l=en Haven't try out yet will do it weekend & see how it goes Cheers/Blackfire920
  8. FCPX on our "RIG"

    Oh I'm not sure about that on my rig; but Canon footages can full screen playback on my second monitor with color correction.... so I guess it does
  9. FCPX on our "RIG"

    Dear All For those who may interest, I just bite the bullet not the $ but it may be not work on our "RIG"... bought from app store and installed, so far it work without any issue. Footage from 550/7D work, all 4 cores fully load when throw into heavy task PS My rig: 64bit 10.6.7/q9400/6G ram/Nvidia 260....Happy editing Cheers/blackfire920
  10. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Maldon It's a JW-IP35-PRO: http://www.jwele.com/motherboard_detail.php?91 Bios version 1.4a Cheers/Blackfire920
  11. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Maldon Here's mine: currently running 10.6.6 64bit, only audio on-board 883 not working, have to use firewire harmonyaudio. Cheers/Blackfire920 send_me.zip
  12. Dear All Need some help here: As topic a working 64bit Vanila 10.6.4 with edited DSDT.aml (RTC FIX only), Chameleon RC4 boot fine but KP right after hit RETURN. Same set-up with the new Q9400; W7 & XP worked, so rule out other hardware base issue. My Q is do I need to re-do the DSDT in order to boot with the new processor, having said that year ago when I upgrade the E2140 to E5200 it just work may be that's the different between Leopard & SL. The MB Bios set-up as usual AHCI & 64bit enabled... If the new DSDT is needed how can I do that, I try DSDTPatcher on window side but fail when compile. Lastly my MB is J&W P35 Pro. Cheers/Blackfire920
  13. Why the comment on forget native AVCHD editing???? I dream one day FCP will like avid ama or mercury engine on premiere no transcode in the first place... I dont mind they did it in the end. Having said that CUDA some how save the day, the sign from the new macpro doesn't shed any light on that...unless ati alreday prepare a special meal for the next FCP..... Cheers/Blackfire920
  14. Dear All, No specific mention about Nvidia card on New Macpro,correct me if I'm wrong ( I know we can do that on hack )...also AMD own ATI, Nvidia make chip for handheld device, which might become a thread for the apple "I" market. NLE market like avid, adobe all using CUDA as part of the encoding engine, as I mentioned @ the title next FCP probably still lack of h264,AVCHD OR MTS native edit, log & transfer will still be the only way. Cheers/Blackfire920
  15. My first Hackintosh for Video Editing

    Any good raid card for hack + FCP ? I'm doing HDV 720/25P, D90 mjpeg & avchd, Current I'm on the sonnet silicon 3132...prepare for another build when snow kitty and FCP Studio 3