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Best system with Snow Leopard


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Hi all,


this is my first post here.

I have Thinkpad T61 and wanted to install OSX but after lot of searching I found out that because of nvs140M and intel wifi I wont be able to get it working to its full potential.


Now I would like to know about existing osx86 systems which are working perfectly.

In case I want to but some machine what would one suggest so that I'll be able use osx86 along with other OSs.


Thank you.

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I don't think there is a perfect machine, but there are some decent ones. Are you looking for a desktop or a laptop? Your post mentions a laptop so my two cents worth would recommend a Dell Inspiron 1525. I have everything working but HDMI, which I don't use. Works like a champ, although sometimes updates cause some issues (mainly sleepenabler.kext). You can pick one up one ebay for under $200 dollars, and the specs are decent (no Crysis or anything, but great for web, software development, and even photo editing).


As for a desktop, searching these forums is a good start, but a few pointers. Intel processor, Gigabyte board (lots and lots of people use a certain e45p or something like that board) and broadcom chipsets for wifi or ethernet (atheros has some OS X support as well). nVidia chipsets for video have a lot of support, although many ATI's can be used with some work.


Best suggestion would be pick a mother board or system that has the specs you like and begin searching the forums for all the different components, see what has been posted.

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