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Chameleon + MBR ?


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Hi gurus! My situation:


Bootloader Chameleon 2RC1, MAC1: OS 10.5.6; MAC2 not working


diskutil list



0: FDisk_partition_scheme *232.9 Gi disk0 ( == MBR)

1: Apple_HFS MAC1 116.6 Gi disk0s1 ( == journaled)

2: Apple_HFS MAC2 116.3 Gi disk0s2 ( == journaled)


Don't know why but my AMD box always boots to the second partition MAC2 by default which is not working. I always have to stop the bootprocess to change the partition to MAC1.


So what can I do to start automatically to Partition1? Can I delete Partition2 without any modification?. Where can I configure that bootoption? It is not depending on any of my /Extra/com.apple.Boot.plist, cause I tried to change that already. How to modify the default Partition?



thanx in advance


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Not really sure how to do it outside the scope of the boot.plist file but here it is anyway:


<key>Default Partition</key>



where 0 is the HDD number

and 3 is the partition number


And i believe that you can safely delete the non-working partition as long as Chameleon is installed somewhere else.


Hope that helps.


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