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Wow! That was EASY!

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I want to say THANK YOU to all of the hard work that's gone into this project.



I've nosed around here a few times after the first rumors of Hacked OSX files were floating around.

I downloaded the first VMware image that came out shortly after the developer boxes were released.

It ran so slow on my Athalon 64 3500+ machine that I never bothered to do anything with it.


I fully intended to buy an Intel Mac this month, so I never paid attention to the developments around here.

Then I banged up my car and have no money left to buy a Mac. #@*&%#@!!!!


This weekend I downloaded the 10.4.5 (I think) install disk.

It took a couple of hours to install, far longer than I thought it would, but it so far seems to be working fine.




Athalon 64 3500+

DFI Lanparty nForce4

BFG gForce 6600 128MB

SIIG ATA133 PCI card

On board Audio

Sony DVD+-RW (4x)

Maxtor 20gig

2gig RAM



After the long install everything seems to be working.

Video is a little flickery at times but it does work faster and smoother than I expected.


Sound is working.


Safari was VERY snappy and worked without a hiccup.


I have not attached my music HDD so I haven't tested out iTunes.



My first computer was a Mac 512kE upgraded from the original Mac 128

After high school I built my firs PC because I couldn't afford to buy a MAC.

My firs job as a computer tech was at APS Technologies supporting Mac System 7 and a little OS8.

But PCs and Windows are what have given me a nice living for the last 13 years.

When Windows 95 was released there was a transition period where I felt somewhat lost and out-of-place.

Win2000 came and the same transition, and out-of-place feeling was there, trying to figure out how to do what I always did. XP was not nearly as bad, but there were things that were moved and changed for no real reason.


I explain all this because when I logged into OSX for the first time, it was strange and new, but it was also immensely logical.

I haven't touched a Mac since OS8 but every thing felt like it was in the right place.

I played for several hours last night and never once had the slightest trouble finding what I needed or doing what I wanted.


I will keep playing for a while, and I will eventually buy a Mac, but for now I will be happy to use this hodge podge hack.


Once again THANKS!

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