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  1. Dell Laptops Post-installer - XPS, Inspiron, Vostro, Lattitude

    Is anyone else having trouble with RapidShare? It's displaying 8 letters in the capcha with the little kitty, and says "Enter the 4 letters with the kitty to download" I tried the FIRST 4 and the LAST 4, there are NUMBERS so I tried with and without them too... help!
  2. I too have a new XPS M1530, The Kalyway 10.5.2 AMD Intel DVD worked best for me. ( Tried ToH's 10.5 and Kalyway 10.5.1 ) I too cannot put it to sleep or shutdown correctly, it is my understanding that the nVidia kext drivers are the cause of this. Wireless is working, I ordered my XPS with the Dell 1490 card for this reason. Fingerprint scanner is working with the Protection suite software. Integrated webcam works as iSight, Photobooth sees it, haven't tried iChat... Delicious Library sees the camera, but can't seem to take a snap of the barcodes... (blurry) USB works now, I didn't change to the 10.5.3 beta kext drivers... iMovie fails to launch, I get a message that it has unexpectedly quit.
  3. I'm still having trouble getting USB thumb drives to mount. If I boot with a thumb drive in a port, "most" will mount when inserted, but if I don't have a drive connected when I boot NONE will mount... When I boot with -s it is not seen in /Volumes/ even when booted with it connected. Dell XPS M1530 2.5GHz 6MB Cache 4GB RAM 80GB HDD nVidia 8600
  4. Thanks MacGirl,Kalyway 10.5.2 ISO (Intel & AMD) finished downloading last night so I decided to install fresh with that.The keyboard and trackpad work fine now, and the display is set to the proper resolution.Remote works!!!With Protector Suite the fingerprint scanner works.However there are a few other problems I'm seeing now.1) USB thumb drives don't mount unless they are pluged in at boot!?!2) I get a 5 second count down at boot, waiting for startup options.3) No sound (Installed the ALCinject & AppleHDA kext files) The Internal Speekers & Headphones show up as devices, but no sound out of either4) Shutdown and Restart don't (common I understand) (different kernel needed?)The WiFi card is recognized, but at work it can't connect (802.11 Authentication using MS-CHAP-v2)Thanks for all the help!gNOMEintheRedHatOK, USB drives are now working....I haven't changed anything...
  5. Thanks pfloyd95, I haven't been able to do too much with it yet. WiFi works (dell 1490) I don't think the monitor is at full res (1600x1050) I tried loading the Dell drivers package from the Xscript thread but that's not running for me.
  6. Thanks MacGirl, and everyone else posting fixes here! My Laptop: Dell XPS M1530 2.5GHz 6MB cache 4GB RAM 80GB HDD (Spare not original) nVidia 8600 256MB I installed from the Kalyway 10.5.1 ISO After the install I had to boot from the CD and use Terminal to move the AppleCPUPowerManagement.kext and the NVDAResman.kext out of Extensions. Now the system booted, and started the setup process, but it does not recognize the M1530 Keyboard or Trackpad. I had to plug in a USB keyboard and mouse to finish setup and to use the laptop with the OSX hard drive. I have not read of anyone else having this problem with the M1530. Any and all suggestions welcome, gNOMEintheRedHat
  7. Dell Laptops Post-installer - XPS, Inspiron, Vostro, Lattitude

    I have a Dell XPS M1530 nVidia 8600 256MB 320GB HDD HD Audio Blu-Ray Installed Kalyway 10.5.1 ISO I had to move the Apple Power Manager KEXT and the NVDA KEXT to make the system boot. When trying to start the DellPackage.0.2.3 and I get the message "you use an old version Only for Leopard gNOMEintheRedHat
  8. Oooohhh, tasty! I think I'll try that, I just downloaded the Kalyway 10.5.1 ISO, but maybe I'll wait till this downloads... Thanks MacGirl, this is the best collection of OSx86 info I've found. It doesn't hurt that I just got an M1530+Blu-Ray either. gNOME
  9. Bummer, There is no option for Dell Wireless, it has intel Wi-Fi built onto the mothorboard...
  10. Wow! That was EASY!

    I want to say THANK YOU to all of the hard work that's gone into this project. <Background> I've nosed around here a few times after the first rumors of Hacked OSX files were floating around. I downloaded the first VMware image that came out shortly after the developer boxes were released. It ran so slow on my Athalon 64 3500+ machine that I never bothered to do anything with it. I fully intended to buy an Intel Mac this month, so I never paid attention to the developments around here. Then I banged up my car and have no money left to buy a Mac. #@*&%#@!!!! This weekend I downloaded the 10.4.5 (I think) install disk. It took a couple of hours to install, far longer than I thought it would, but it so far seems to be working fine. </Background> <System> Athalon 64 3500+ DFI Lanparty nForce4 BFG gForce 6600 128MB SIIG ATA133 PCI card On board Audio Sony DVD+-RW (4x) Maxtor 20gig 2gig RAM </System> After the long install everything seems to be working. Video is a little flickery at times but it does work faster and smoother than I expected. NVIDIA NIC works. Sound is working. Safari was VERY snappy and worked without a hiccup. I have not attached my music HDD so I haven't tested out iTunes. My first computer was a Mac 512kE upgraded from the original Mac 128 After high school I built my firs PC because I couldn't afford to buy a MAC. My firs job as a computer tech was at APS Technologies supporting Mac System 7 and a little OS8. But PCs and Windows are what have given me a nice living for the last 13 years. When Windows 95 was released there was a transition period where I felt somewhat lost and out-of-place. Win2000 came and the same transition, and out-of-place feeling was there, trying to figure out how to do what I always did. XP was not nearly as bad, but there were things that were moved and changed for no real reason. I explain all this because when I logged into OSX for the first time, it was strange and new, but it was also immensely logical. I haven't touched a Mac since OS8 but every thing felt like it was in the right place. I played for several hours last night and never once had the slightest trouble finding what I needed or doing what I wanted. I will keep playing for a while, and I will eventually buy a Mac, but for now I will be happy to use this hodge podge hack. Once again THANKS!