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Cloned system is slow as molasses


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My Dell D830 (see sig below) hard disk was almost full, so I bought a new Samsung hard disk.


I used Carbon Copy Cloner to clone the disk, installed chameleon on the disk again (just to be safe) rebooted, it gave a kernel panic the first time, rebeooted in safe mode, rebooted again, it worked.


First thing I noticed - the keyboard and trackpad and sound would not work. So, I manually kextloaded PS2 kexts and VoodooHDA from /Extra, and things were back to normal. Or so it seemed.


Now, the system is slow. At unpredictable intervals, and in all new windows, the system throws beachballs.


I have fsck'ed repeatedly, and repaired disk permissions (they do not seem to hold sometimes). S.M.A.R.T. status shows verified. That would mean that the hard disk is fine and dandy.


Looks like that the PS2 and audio drivers might be causing the problem, but then I am not sure. How do I check and fix this ?

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