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  1. My Dell D830 (see sig below) hard disk was almost full, so I bought a new Samsung hard disk. I used Carbon Copy Cloner to clone the disk, installed chameleon on the disk again (just to be safe) rebooted, it gave a kernel panic the first time, rebeooted in safe mode, rebooted again, it worked. First thing I noticed - the keyboard and trackpad and sound would not work. So, I manually kextloaded PS2 kexts and VoodooHDA from /Extra, and things were back to normal. Or so it seemed. Now, the system is slow. At unpredictable intervals, and in all new windows, the system throws beachballs. I have fsck'ed repeatedly, and repaired disk permissions (they do not seem to hold sometimes). S.M.A.R.T. status shows verified. That would mean that the hard disk is fine and dandy. Looks like that the PS2 and audio drivers might be causing the problem, but then I am not sure. How do I check and fix this ?
  2. Motherboard suggestions

    Thanks for the response. I personally consider the ability to hibernate to be even more important than sleep. I like to be able to have zero power consumption while I am traveling. For a desktop, I like to be able to bring the system to hibernate so that I do not have to worry about power failures. Those are becoming more common, with the bad weather, and all.
  3. Motherboard suggestions

    Are you able to properly shutdown, reboot, sleep and hibernate your rigs ? The hibernate (aka Deep Sleep) is particularly important to me.
  4. Build success p55-usb3

    Until all the fans, lights and sounds are out, you cannot be certain. You could in principle (this can be dangerous) use a multimeter to track the voltage on the SATA power cable as you do what you describe above, to see if the harddisks are getting any power, or see if there is some other way to directly monitor hard disk activity. I am considering buying the motherboard you are using but this gives me pause. I want to be able to properly sleep, hibernate, reboot and shutdown the rig I want to build (otherwise, what is the point ? I already have hackintosh laptops that do some of these things). Post if you find a fix. Thanks.
  5. Build success p55-usb3

    Does that mean you have to shut down your hard disk uncleanly each time ? Can't possibly be doing wonders for your hard disk's lifetime.
  6. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Yesterday, I did a bit of in-depth research on this board and found references to people being unable to activate the on-board audio. I will take a look at fatshenanigans' posts (I have seen only one of them so far) to see if he fixed that. As to the 6GB/s and USB3, I am also considering Gigabyte GA-P55M-UD3. People have issues with the USB3 part because OSX does not yet support it, but having 6GB/s would be sweet, given the monstrous speed of the CPU. My computer organization teacher from my undergrad would probably blanch at me saying that since the speeds are different orders of magnitude, but its always nicer to have faster components. I was looking at Core i7-920 as well, but found multiple reports of people having to flash their motherboards *before* installing the processor - a chicken and egg story if there was ever one, if you had only one processor to start with. That is why I chose the slightly less hot Core i7-860. Newegg reviews claim that with HT, its throughput bests Core i7-920.
  7. IPS Driver Error on Forum

    Happened to me twice in the space of 10 minutes today. Lost a long typed post each time. This is 3 years on, and still nothing has been done to fix it.
  8. Motherboard suggestions

    Insanelymac's infamous and unique IPS driver error (never seen anything like this in any other forum) ate my response as soon as I submitted it. Forum owners - please fix the software, this is incredibly irritating and wasteful of time when it happens. I think that a melting socket is a showstopper. Yes, the warranty is available to be used, but what is the cost in time ? I guess my point is - I am happy to invest a bit of time in building this rig, learn about building machines, etc. But I am not willing to make this an eternal project, where I keep tinkering with it just because I was not careful enough to start with. It is obvious what I have read so far is just a start. The word "flawless" is a relative term. One person might consider the ease of use and availability of a patch that makes a partially incompatible piece of hardware functional to be "flawless". To anyone sensible, that is a time bomb waiting for an Apple update. So, one has to obviously use the hardware that Apple actually uses in iMacs and Mac Pros today, like an ATI Radeon HD 5670 graphics card (what's with all the coloured plastic rebranding on newegg ?). With motherboards (as you clarified in response to my question), the situation is considerably less clear. But one does have to take basic physical limits of the hardware and the revision number into account.
  9. Determined to buy components that are guaranteed to work with Snow Leopard, I hopped over to www.apple.com and started looking at the specs of the iMac and the Mac Pro. The ATI Radeon HD 5670 card is natively supported in Snow Leopard, is it not ? Apple's iMac page lists it as an option: http://www.apple.com/imac/performance.html I found the following on newegg: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList....&IsNodeId=1 What is with all the rebranding ? An ATI Radeon HD 5670 is an ATI Radeon HD 5670, no matter whether XFX or Sapphire, or whoever puts some coloured plastic on it, right ? You can probably tell that I am not a gamer. I do however, want the best and best supported card that I can afford for my new rig. Ideal situation - zero patching, or use of anything non-retail. The entire idea of building a custom rig is to ensure that you have as much compatible hardware as possible. Any other suggestions will also be welcome (including comments on the kind of cooling needed). I am not a gamer, but I will be making intense use of graphics - data analysis of 3D data, blueray video, video encoding, etc.
  10. Motherboard suggestions

    It does not seem to be quite as simple as that. I consulted tonymacosx86, kakewalk, etc. and found: 1. Gigabyte GA-P55M-UD2 works well, but found a few reviews (non-OSX related) that suggest that its socket can melt when used with the core i7 processors. 2. A change in the revision number is apparently enough to make a very compatible card, well, less than compatible.
  11. I am trying to build a custom hackintosh for myself. I am getting a little dizzy going through all the motherboards on newegg. What I want - onboard audio (don't care about video as such since I am buying a supported graphics card - ATI Radeon 5670) and onboard LAN that just works natively with OSX. I want to avoid special kexts as much as possible (which is the right thing to shoot for since I am building this myself). Right now, my search consists of going through the specs, and googling for each LAN or audio chip with OSX. This is going to take forever. Can someone please suggest: 1. What are the chipsets to avoid for OSX (so if I know Realtek is not natively supported, I don't waste my time). 2. What are kosher chipsets (does Broadcom make onboard LAN for motherboards for desktops) ? 3. I can guess the answer to this question, but I will ask anyways. What is the motherboard used in a mac pro ? I am looking for an LGA 1156 socket for the Core i7 860 I am thinking of buying. Googling has led to more confusion than I started with. ?
  12. Ok. You convinced me. I am going to do this build myself. Now, I found this ASUS P7P55D-E + Intel Core i7-860 combo deal on newegg. Is the motherboard a good choice for Snow Leopard ? I am assuming that i7 will work since that is what is listed on Apple's macpro page.
  13. Thanks. Well, that article lists supported hardware components. Its not something (esp. motherboards) that is stated upfront if you go to, say, Dell to configure one. I have seen this article, and consider it more of a do-it-yourself with components guide.