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Acer5570 Snow Leopard 10.6.2 install Success!


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Hi guys...first time posting here :D

I have successfully installed Snow Leopard 10.6.2 Hazard...of course i had to boot with "cpus=1" or else nothing would work...my specs are as follows:


Intel Core Duo 1.6GHz


Intel GMA950 (27a2)

Realtek HD audio ALC833

Marvel Yukon 88E8038

500GB WD HDD 7200rpm


anyhow! the selection i made was this:








Marvel_Yukon_88E8056<<<(not the right driver for my device)



This is exactly what i had selected in the customize window! NO kernels and CMOS fixes.

After the install finished, i got my first KP "kernel panic" ...restarted the pc and second boot it went fine all the way! ...now the only problem i have is with the display resolution and the ethernet not working as those 2 used to work flawlessly on my 10.5.2 installation! ...i tried patching the DSDT but got a kernel panic fixed it with a reformat...not even "-x" boot flag could get me past it.


My questions are:

1) Can i get a higher screen resolution than what the crappy default driver is currently allowing? (1024x768) instead of (1280x800).

2) Is there a way of getting audio from the headphones instead of the standard speakers? back in 10.5.2 VoodooHDA would do the trick, but not on 10.6.2!

3) Getting my NIC to work...i've tried many different solution which involve changing the vendor ID and all that...nothing worked! any other way of going around this?

4) Anyway that i could boot both CPUS instead of 1? if so, is it possible on my specs?

5) Anyway to automate the "extensions permission" process? instead of having to do it manually through OSX86 Tools and Kextutil?


Thanx in advance! :P

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