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How to change default sound output


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I have set up a new hack:


GA-G33M-S2L (G33 Express Chipset, ICH9)


The system runs on 10.6.4 now and is fully working, including sleep, gfx (used my old 8600GTS), ... and sound.


For audio I use a legacy kext, DSDT edited and the 10.6.2 version of AppleHDA.kext.


Wow, its got 5 sound outs and one mic. Better than my real mac.


I have only one issue:

no matter what, the system always starts with headphones as default sound out option.

so if I dont use headphones, I always have to go to prefs and set Internal Speakers.


How can I change this.

Where are the settings for default sound out saved?


enclosed my dsdt, legacy kext



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