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When is my computer gonna be fast enough?


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So I'm upgrading my gigabyte mac-bios computer to a QX9650 quad core from a lowly E 4300 Oc'ed to 2.4 - 3ghz depending on temp. So while working on ducting to cool this monster the following question came to mind. Is My computer ever gonna be fast enough. I decided the following:


When My computer can operate inside a fem-bot :wacko: that is fully functional in every respect and wirelessly can control my house, cook, stream 1080p video to my TV all the while holding an intelligent conversation with me and do my research that I need on the internet and filter the results down to facts and be a hackintosh then it will be fast enough.

Then I thought, no, no, no........

First off my future wife would have a man-bot, so all I'd be stuck with is this machine, secondly who's to say if it's that intelligent it wouldn't make me obsolete at my job (I fix computers), and third and foremost if it was that smart and fast what would they need us for anyway.

So I decided two ssd's in software raid 0 and a blu-ray burner are the last of my upgrades till 10.7 comes out :rolleyes: .......

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