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  1. hi terramir here, Wegface tried to help but can't get hdmi audio enabled too many errors once patch is applied. so many external control methods unresolved even following rehabman's guide. Running as said GA-Z97mx-gaming5 with 4690k HD4600 graphics no money to spare for a vidcard right now. once you plug hdmi in both tv's I got won't except analog audio input and no speakers these days handy. I tried I asked for help on chat, but this one is a big bummer. booting up with just clover and graphics injection and graphics id 0xd220003 seems to work detects hd4600 and used max of 1536 of em ( I have 16gb 4x4gb. I am pretty bald already so can't afford to pull more hair out please help clean up this mess and get my HDMI audio and sleep working (would prefer if the other audio works as well for when I can afford speakers take mercy on me before I have to install windoze, terramir PS: attached is my virgin (f4) clover acpi dump (origin) copied from refi to desktop renamed to the MB name and then compressed. gaz97mxgaming5_f5.zip
  2. well actually no the dsdt is recompiled before being placed in either extra (chameleon) or acpi patched (clover) but in the instructions there is not recompliation for the ssdt which is strange. I would like the original thread starter to comment on this or someone else besides allan . need some more $.02 here. terramir
  3. the original ssdt is written in the same language as the dsdt, but stored on the computer is a compiled file it is not human readable we use tools to decompile it. Then to edit then it is compiled again at least with dsdt. terramir
  4. wait a minute asm is assembled machine code dsl is a disassembled code, renaming it won't magically recompile it :s help terramir
  5. found a file in there but it's a .dsl file not an aml :s
  6. ok I ran the script, got a i3 -2357m sandy bridge, but the output of that script is basically a plain txt file. don't I have to convert that back into an SSDT.aml ? Also where do I put the file for clover and what settings do I use for both chameleon and clover after? I am moving to clover because my laptop supports uefi, but still trying to work out the bugs. the instructions seems to not mention reconverting and while I understand that it would go into extra in chameleon I still need to know what to put in the chameleon.org boot list file. terramir
  7. terramir

    Mavericks Realtek ALC AppleHDA Audio

    question does this script work with 10.8.5, and if not can you point me to one as of right now I got an empty audio panel even though the codec exist in system profiler :s will have to do some more experiments but if your auto patcher will work that would be great terramir
  8. Yeah that's the thing with Jobs gone, the strong direction is gone, and shareholders need to be satisfied. Money talks, and in this case it's a lot of money, because surprisingly some peeps say were in the minority, but I as a computer tech hear so many peeps having themselves dual boot hacks built, mostly based on intel hardware. it's getting more main stream than peeps might think, especially since the sandy bridge processors. Some peeps and that's not me, are starting to make a living with it on the down low. You see peeps in the various forums stuck at a certain update release cause there afraid to update. Cause they dunno what there doing at all, cause they didn't even install it. terramir
  9. You know, I believe eventually Apple will realize the untapped market potential. I mean there could be dual pricing A little modification to DSMOS and it could attempt to detect a small usb hub/ encryption device, this way you keep your USB3/USB2 port and well it would be available online/ the apple store. with cooperation of the Hackentosh/OSX community it could have a unique key sold either one or family pack (3 or 5) and it would allow you, A. legally install OSX, B use secure virtual memory and hibernation because your encryption Key(s) are unique. cables could be included in the box for desktop internal installs Of course there would be a disclaimer about compatible Hardware, but all they would have to do is open up and add a few drivers here and there and compatibility would greatly improve. Since what we do is open source, they would be able to borrow from us freely . this could actually increase revenue for apple by quite a bit, and with amd/ via/ atom kernels they could give Bill's company a run for it's money. The attraction to buy a real mac, would still be there especially the iMac, mini and laptops just because of style, and well stability. But let's say it this way Apple could make a killing and those key's would take less than 2 bucks each to produce. and well charge let's say $69 (like the magic mouse) for non apple hardware 150 in the 3 or 5 pack depending on how generous they feel. This would be very simply implemented and well I for one would support apple on this. Upgrades (i.e. compatible with OSX 10.10 and so on could be flashed to the chip from OSX after a small upgrade fee. ) On another note, Yeah I would love to learn especially how to patch apple HDA VoodooHDA is not a better solution period. But the tutorials sadly assume knowledge not everyone has, or are utterly incomplete. My laptop, for example has a particular configuration, sad thing is I can't even use the linux dumps cause in linux only one speaker works for some reason so the graphs are off, I need to use the windowz 7 codec but even the codec convertor tools have disappeared. And yes I would like to learn how to edit my dsdt as well as the other tables especially to add hardware like my wifi card bluetooth and one of those intel dual Lan things (this would be for my desktop) and other things. But all in good time. Finding well written tutorials would help us increase the active participation in the community because then people could learn;) terramir
  10. Anyone working on a G5/Macpro case mod, that is slicing and dicing your trash would be my treasure Really any little pieces will help, like if you cut your rear to add an atx plate that bit of aluminum would make my day terramir
  11. Nah this cpu is 1.3 ghz max and 8x is one low power mode, i dunno if there are any others no turbo in the i3 ulv sandy bridge. I am trying to figure out if I can optimize this since the cpu is not replacable anyways. The DSDT was sloppily written, since there really is no cpu in this platform that has 8 actual cores/ 16 virtual cores, also this increases the length of the overall DSDT because the CPU 0-7 is mentioned multiple times. Again I'm not asking if I have to fix this I'm asking how I would optimally fix this so it matches my cpu configuration, and is nice and trim. Learning is the goal here, 16 cpu's showing up in the boot while there is only 8 in the dsdt is kinda part of it. Some explanations how this could be and what to look for would help. I really want to optimize this, so in the end I can learn not just about this specific case, but all in future. terramir
  12. Well I am trying to get everything up and running as cleanly as possible also trying to learn about dsdt and ssdt etc. so this was an educational question more than support terramir
  13. Anyone got any comments?