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VAIO CS11S/Q - only the external screen works (SL)


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I've been trying to get this to work since Friday but now I'm quitting so I thought you guys could help me out.


I've installed snow leopard in my VAIO CS laptop (sony specs) I'm using snowleo's release but I've tried some others but I always get the same problem. I get to install it with no problems, reboot the pc, chamelleon loads osx, the screen with the apple in the gray background shows up along with a progress bar and then the screen turns black.


If I plug in a monitor on the external vga port (and I have to do it before booting the system or it won't work), after the progress bar loads the image switches to the external monitor (the laptop turns black)


I've read the topic with usual graphic problems and came up with nothing..


It doesn't make any difference if I select NVInject, NVEnabler.. At the moment I'm not even using any of them..





I would really appreciate if someone could help me with this.. Everything else is working fine apart from the wireless card (intel 5100) which I know it won't work with osx

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