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Recently I was able to successfully get Mac osx86 installed... I had to use a patched kernel because my computer uses Intel I7 980x. Now the problem I run into is every time I try to update to 10.6.4 from 10.6.3 it will not start up for a very long time and when it finally does it takes for ever for anything to load. Now I don't really care if I get the update or not but all the tutorials that I have read say that this should be done to get the Geforce gtx480 working. Which I need to get the video card recognized to get Final Cut Pro up and running (The whole reason I'm going for mac osx86)


Computer configuration


12gb Ram

2tb sata2 HD

GTX480 Video Card

i7 3.33 980x

asus p6x58 MB


BTW I used Snowleo for my installation CD (Seemed to be the only one that would boot up into the installation screen)

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