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  1. The only thing I seem to be having terrible trouble with is finding where to download the 4th link at. I see the place where it says link on the forum and I click that but it does is open up a blank window (in firefox and safari). Maybe Im just being oblivious? I have signed up also btw for the forum. It's so nerve wrecking cause this is the closest I've been yet all because of you awesome guide !!!!
  2. It seems that the link for the download for the Nvidia drivers is down on the other forum. Any chance you could re-upload it? Other than that sounds like a great tutorial. I'll keep pushing away at it and post if I get it pulled of.
  3. Kernel Panic ;)

    What do I do now?
  4. Bootloader?

    So I have Fermi 480 in my computer and need to get it to work to run Final Cut Pro. Anyways I managed to get everything else up and working (whenever I update to 10.6.4 it takes hours to start up not exaggerating) but the problem I face is I don't understand how to install the bootloader that is mentioned. I am probably just an epic fail but can anyone explain what it is I am doing and how to do it? howto (follow the links if you don't know what i mean): 1. install 10.6.4 2. grab fermi package 2010/08/03 from here (mirrors are welcome): http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NIO5MC6F http://hotfile.com/dl/59794161/a6e8f4e/fer...100803.dmg.html http://rapidshare.com/files/411047954/ferm...ge_20100803.dmg http://netload.in/dateiwg4E8rtjX2/fermi_pa...0100803.dmg.htm 3. install bootloader located in bootloader/ (if you don't have 'fdisk440', use normal 'fdisk' for now; you already should have installed chameleon before this) 4. add this to your boot plist if you haven't done so already: CODE <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> <string>Yes</string> 5. copy all kexts from kexts/ to /System/Library/Extensions (replace old ones) 6. copy all frameworks from frameworks/ to /System/Library/Frameworks (replace old ones) 7. clear caches and reboot, or reboot and ignore caches on boot-up
  5. Final Cut Pro

    Recently I was able to successfully get Mac osx86 installed... I had to use a patched kernel because my computer uses Intel I7 980x. Now the problem I run into is every time I try to update to 10.6.4 from 10.6.3 it will not start up for a very long time and when it finally does it takes for ever for anything to load. Now I don't really care if I get the update or not but all the tutorials that I have read say that this should be done to get the Geforce gtx480 working. Which I need to get the video card recognized to get Final Cut Pro up and running (The whole reason I'm going for mac osx86) Computer configuration 12gb Ram 2tb sata2 HD GTX480 Video Card i7 3.33 980x asus p6x58 MB BTW I used Snowleo for my installation CD (Seemed to be the only one that would boot up into the installation screen)
  6. Kexts?

    I've got everything working fine now in my installation after many attempts but have two things left to finish. I need to get wireless internet up and I have a EW-7128g wireless adapte. On Edimax's website they have a dmg file for mac but it only goes up to 10.5 is there a way to use this available dmg to update it or do I need to find another source? Also I would like to get my graphics card installed but can't find a kexts for the Nvidia gtx 480 (fermi). If any one can point me in the right direction I would be very happy ! (I already checked out kexts.com but I couldn't find what I was looking for)
  7. i7-980x help :)

    Recently I began working on getting my computer with a p6 asus mb and i7-980x cpu and saw all the problems that I faced. Luckily, I was able to find a tutorial at http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=219719 on how to do it but sadly I am a huge beginner in installing Mac osx86 I would be forever grateful if someone could translate this to a stupid person form I've managed to install Snow but am not able to boot up into it which is what I assume all the extra files are for. I do not have a USB drive per-say, but I do have an external hard-drive and an iPod that I can use if necessary. I don't know how to move the files that he refers to the mac partition of my hard-drive without accessing the gui interface of the mac. I'm very inexperienced in terminals. Also if I need to format my external harddrive or what not can I just do that through the Snow Installer?
  8. Error trying to install OSX

    I had a similar problem but realized that it was actually just a point that I wasn't patient enough. I waited 4 more hours and believe it or not it got past that bug part and moved on. Now I may be wrong but before you go to sleep just let it sit for the night and see what you have in the morning. Obv. I'm not an expect and am struggling to get osx86 installed before college begins just like you. None the less I thought I should share my observation !
  9. KERNEL Panic

    I think I miss read what I was suppose to do the first time. I went to go reinstall and it took forever for it to get past that one message but 4 hours later it finally did. The installer though kept freezing that's when I realized that maybe all I had to do was load what I had already installed but use the legacy_kernel off the CD to do so. I did that and it did give me some more information but the end result was still the same. I was not able to take a picture of the final screen because it shut off too quickly but it was a bunch of messages about failed kexts loading and fsck and what not. If there is anything in particular that I could look at that might give you guys more information just let me know. Thanks for the help you have given so far I feel like it is getting closer to being a success!
  10. KERNEL Panic

    Thanks for the fast response. I went and burned the dvd and then put in my Snow Leopard dvd. I then put in the tag that you said and this time it did some new stuff that it hadn't in my previous attempts. At this point I was very hopeful but it ended up hittting a stand-still. It ended on this screen where it sat for 15 minutes till I rebooted (should I have waited longer)
  11. KERNEL Panic

    My first attempts at install was using the boot132 disk and trying to boot into a retail version of snow leopard but after many failed attempts I moved on a tried SnowLeo which must be why the kernel is patched and not vanilla. Also I removed Sleepenabler which got rid of the Panic screen but all it does is sit on the Apple screen now (when not in verbose) and just restarts when in verbose. Thanks for responding any new suggestions?
  12. KERNEL Panic

    After many attempts, I finally managed to get OSx86 installed but to sadly it was just not meant to be yet. Kernel Panic starred me in the face. I have tried as many combinations of commands to get it to go as I can think of but no such luck. I've tried just the basic -v -x to a bunch of other stuff including -y -f -legacy cpus=1 busratio=26 but no luck. My computer hardware is as follows CPU-Intel I7-980x 3.33ghz 6-core Ram-1600 DDR3 6x2gb HD- 2x1tb SATA2 Graphics- Geforce GTX 480 (fermi) 1.5gb MotherBoard-ASUS P6X58D-E Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated!! I just hope I can get past this road bump to get MAC running on my pc !!!