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During boot PC restarts


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I wanna install OS X on my PC.

I hit F8 and type -v it says "Loading file ....." and after 5 lines of code, PC restarts.

I have tried all types of OS X for PCs!


Thanks for help!


What are your system details?.............see here........ :rolleyes:

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-Intel Pentium Dual Core 1.8 GHz Processor

-2.5GB of RAM

-nVidia 8500GT (512MB DDR2)

-Realtek (I have somewhere written model, i need to fint it :rolleyes: ) sound card


What is your MOBO brand/model?

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Damn i forgot this :wacko:

Asrock Wolfdale 1333 GLAN/M


Your key components are:


Northbridge: Intel G31

Southbridge: Intel ICH7

Onboard GPU - Intel GMA 3100

Audio - ALC662 Audio Codec

LAN - Realtek RTL8111B/RTL8111C


I do not know your BIOS parameters/settings options but look for similar to these:


HDD SMART Monitoing [Enabled]

ACPI Suspend Type [s3 (STR)]

ACPI APIC Support [Enabled]

Serial-ATA Controller [Enabled] or SATA Mode [AHCI]

RAID Enabled or RAID Function [Disabled]

On-Chip IDE Channel0 [Enabled]

IDE DMA transfer access [Enabled]

IDE Prefetch Mode [Enabled]

HD Audio [Auto]

Onboard 1394 [Enabled]

USB [all options enabled]

Onboard LAN [Enabled]


CPU Internal Thermal Control [AUTO]


Enhanced C1 (C1E) [DISABLED]

Execute Disable Bit [ENABLED]

Virtualization Technology [DISABLED] Does not appear to make a difference whether ENABLED or DISABLED.

Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology [DISABLED]

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