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Weird CMOS date/time problem. Resetting to Aug. 4th 2010


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I couldn't find anything on this specific issue, since it's not the well known CMOS reset issue nor a dead CMOS battery issue, since I just replaced it.


I've been having this weird problem since I finally got sleep to work on my ASUS P5K Premium Black Pearl Edition with DSDT editing...



If I boot into snow leopard my CMOS date get reset to Aug. 4th 2010 so the automatic time update through the internet have to be always turned on...


Other thing is, when the machine wakes up from sleep the time is always wrong (it's still the time from when I put it to sleep) and it takes a little while before it updates it through the net. BUT, if the auto update is OFF or I have no internet the time will stay wrong forever...


So, this is not normal right? Is there a way to fix this? Because the way it is now I can't rely on the BIOS to set the correct time and the time will only be right when I have internet connection...


thanks a lot.


obs: I dont have windows installed, it's not a dual boot system, so it has nothing to do with osx/windows compatibility.

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