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  1. Hi People, a little off topic but since this is about the same ethernet card maybe someone can help me. Since Mavericks I've been getting a lot of system freezes, always when the ethernet is being used heavily. The last message on console before the freezes is always this: 26/07/14 13:19:34,000 kernel[0]: AppleYukon2: 00000000,00000004 sk98osx sky2 - - sk98osx_sky2::replaceOrCopyPacket tried N times 26/07/14 13:19:34,000 kernel[0]: AppleYukon2: 00000000,00000005 sk98osx sky2 - - sk98osx_sky2::replaceOrCopyPacket tried N times 26/07/14 13:19:34,000 kernel[0]: AppleYukon2: 00000000,00000035 sk98osx sky2 - - sk98osx_sky2::replaceOrCopyPacket tried N times 26/07/14 13:19:35,000 kernel[0]: AppleYukon2: 00000000,000003e8 sk98osx sky2 - - sk98osx_sky2::replaceOrCopyPacket timedout 26/07/14 13:19:35,000 kernel[0]: AppleYukon2: 00000000,00000000 skgehw - cppSkDrvEvent - SK_DRV_RX_OVERFLOW: rcv fifo overflow 26/07/14 13:19:35,000 kernel[0]: AppleYukon2: 00000000,00000000 skgehw - cppSkDrvEvent - now preventing C4 low power state due to the switch ignoring pause packets 26/07/14 13:19:35,000 kernel[0]: AppleYukon2: 00000000,00000000 sky2 - RX ring overflow -- dropped a packet I have tried patching ionetworking manually (method I always used successfully) and the rest of the kexts on the first post but I'm still getting these freezes. Anyone have a clue? thanks!
  2. CMOS Resets by AppleRTC.kext

    Hi people. In Mavericks I couldn't patch my AppleRTC manually trough terminal as I did with all the other versions. It simply didn't work. But installing the kext @ROBASEFR attached did the job! Thanks a lot man!
  3. thanks for this info bebop68. I confirm it works here also. I have a asus p5k premium edit: well, too good to be true... It does solve single bank error but it breaks my sleep, so I guess I'll have to go back to the single bank error.
  4. well, since you wrote you were able to upgrade from 10.6.8 to 10.7 I went ahead and tried it myself using the guide that's on sticky in this forum. And for my surprise it all went well. I didn't even had to do these additional steps in your guide. No error during the install and I could boot straight into 10.7 with the very same extra folder and additional kexts I was using with 10.6.8. Awesome! (of course my chameleon was already updated to a lion compatible version. And I have a proper DSDT for my motherboard which is asus p5k premium)
  5. are you saying you managed to fix the single bank error? Sorry, I don't understand what you mean by "my RTC is frm MB3,1". Could you please explain better? thanks. BTW: tseug's patch for GM works here on asus P5K Premium, no more CMOS reset after sleep, but still getting single bank error.
  6. Can't sign in to App Store

    sorry, I forgot to say I also tried that... None of these solutions seem to work for me... :/ maybe there's another .plist I should delete to reset some App Store setting? I had this same problem in SL and deleting NetworkInterfaces.plist did the trick. However in Lion it doesn't ...
  7. Can't sign in to App Store

    I also have this issue but the difference is that none of these solutions worked for me. My wifi is already being set as en0 and I have EthernetBuiltIn=y on my boot and it IS working to set my en0 as BuiltIn. I've already deleted NetworkInterfaces.plist and reconfigured all my Network devices. HOWEVER I still get the "no GUID available" message when trying to log in to AppStore. So, any other ideas I could try??? thanks
  8. Ralink RT3070L 64bit?

    yep, I confirm it works in 64bit using SL installer... great!
  9. Sound problems!

    well, guess what? the issue is simply gone with this ne DP4-2 update... great!
  10. Sound problems!

    Hi, I've been using Lion for a little while now (just for testing purposes) and the only issue I'm still having is this crackling on sound that starts after a while of using and only happens when I do something that needs a little graphic processing (like switching spaces or launching mission control). This happens with the two sound options I have: the onboard AD1988B (through VoodooHDA) or my M-AUDIO Firewire 410. So I conclude that it's not a bad driver issue, but a Lion issue. Well I just want to know if anyone else is experiencing this issue. And a possible workaround... thanks for the attention my MB is ASUS P5K Premium.
  11. Ralink RT3070L 64bit?

    Well, just to let everyone know that I purchased the item and I'm very satisfied with it! The two antennas make reception really good and I'm now getting 100% wifi signal opposed to 75/80% I used to get with my onboard wifi. The kext does load in 64bit so now I'm able to let my kernel and extensions load in 64bit. I don't know if it's supposed to make a noticeable difference but my system seem to be running a little faster and smoother. All of this I did still under 10.6.7 because I'm not being able to switch completely to Lion yet due to some bugs and instabilities. When I test it under 10.7 I'll also post some feedback that's it
  12. Ralink RT3070L 64bit?

    thanks for all the answers guys... @smartie77: well, I guess it will work then.. thanks! @Burpethead: this is a great tip! But for now I will stick to the USB wifi. The price difference is too big! But I will consider this in the future. thanks.
  13. Ralink RT3070L 64bit?

    Nevermind people! I found out the answer to my own question. I downloaded the kext and inside it there is a "history.txt" file Inside this file you can read I guess this "Support x64 platform" means that, right? I suppose it does...
  14. Ralink RT3070L 64bit?

    Hi, my onboard wifi is the only thing keeping me from running 10.6 and 10.7 in 64bit. I searched and found this mac compatible USB wifi adapter http://www.dealextreme.com/p/2000mw-high-p...n-antenna-44929 the chipset is Ralink RT3070L The only thing is: can anyone confirm that the kext for this RT3070L chipset really loads in 64bit? thanks!
  15. same for me here: "IRQNoFlags () {8}" in my rtc dsdt part didn't fix the problem. Using AppleRTC.kext from 10.6 solves this issue but I really wish someone can find out a DSDT solution...Actually I'm sure someone will, it's just a matter of time. I'm on a Asus P5K-Premium My current DSDT works flawlessly in 10.6.7