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Overclocking a PowerMacintosh 6100/60 to 120 Mhz

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Is ist Possible to overclock the (very old) Power Mac 6100 ?


It has now got 60 Mhz but i heard that in all versions of the 6100, theres the same PowerPC 601 Processor and just clocked otherwise. I think the fastest 6100 was 120 Mhz - so i want the snake to run faster :whistle:


Does anyone know how to overclock it? Is there a good step by step guidance?


Or do i need special hardware?


So now my Power Mac has got: 4,5 GB Seagate SCSI Harddrive, 72MB of EDO RAM (maximum), SCSI CD-ROM drive (24x) and of cause the 60 Mhz PowerPC 601 Processor (soldered on the logic board)

And running with Mac OS 8.6 (looking for a copy of 8.1 in german)


so what i have done yet: removed the old thermal conductance paste and replaced it with newer one :)


Hope that here are still some lovers of "old" hardware in the forum who can help me :)

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