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"I invented SOAP"

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Well, this group called Ganas, LLC is suing everyone from Apple to Tivo in this one. The patent in question is regarding:


  • 7,136,913: “Object oriented communication among platform independent systems across a firewall over the internet using HTTP-SOAP” by Linderman and assigned to Lab 7 Networks, Inc.. Prosecuted by Nath & Associates PLLC Kang; Gregory B. Protigal; Stanley N.. Includes 30 claims (3 indep.). Was application 09/900,041. Filed 7/9/2001 & Granted 11/14/2006.


As with all of these lawsuits, this was filed in the great state of Texas, well know for cowboys, Bushes, and giving out verdicts in the plaintiff's favor in these kinds of cases. Keep an eye on this one, though, because they're suing a ton of companies.

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