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Hey guys,


So I'm planning on putting together another PC build and looking to dual-boot Windows and OSX. As you can see from my sig, this is not my first Hackintosh build, but I haven't done one (not have I updated my first build or kept up with the community) since I built the PC in my sig. And those were the days of 10.5.1...


So, I'd like a few veteran eyes to go over this proposed build before I go ahead and click "Buy".


Here are the proposed components:


1) Intel Core i7-930 Bloomfield - $289.99

2) Gigabyte GA-X58A UD3R - $209.99

3) Evga GeForce GTX 470 Superclocked - $349.99

4) GSkill DDR3 RAM - 6GB (3x2GB) - $149.99

5) Corsair 750w PS - $109.99

6) CoolerMaster HAF X Case - $199.99

7) WB Caviar Black 1TB HDD - $89.99

8) Zalman CNPS9900 - $59.99

9) A few bits and pieces such as Bluetooth dongle and thermal paste


Rough Total - $1,479.90 USD

Budget - Under $1500 USD


I'm gunning for a GTX 470 because of the gaming that I will be doing (Mafia II, Civ 5, Empire Total War) and because I am partial to Nvidia. I chose the Superclocked because it is only $10 more on Newegg than the regular. I chose the HAF X case and the 750w PS for future expansion. I plan on maybe getting another GTX 470 in a few months and run SLI (I've seen a post about making it work, but I don't want to get ahead of myself in getting all this to work on OSX) and getting more HDDs and RAM in the future as my needs (and picture and video gallery) increase.


I'm sure the HDD, RAM, PSU, Case, etc are all fine. I'm really hoping for some advice on the CPU/Mobo/GPU combo. I'm pretty sure the 930 is acceptable, as I've seen some builds using in in these forums. I have also found that Gigabyte is still king in terms of compatibility with OSX. What I have not seen is many build using the X58 chipset and socket 1366. Could I get all this to work easily? Also, I haven't seen many builds use the GTX 470. I think I saw a thread about it working, but most people are using older 200, 9000, or 8000 series cards - I would like to keep the 470 for gaming in Windows.


Lastly, I have found out that the process for getting OSX has developed a lot more than I thought. I was almost hoping that someone out there made a universal build (IE, iatkos) that installs everything. I am looking for the most stable and usable build possible. I need this machine to be rock solid and easy to update. Is there a method that anybody would recommend?


This is a long list, and I thank you all for helping me out!

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Tonymacx86 is using the revisions of your board. Not to say "we don't serve your kind" but he's got that mobo %100 working. I just built a p55-ud2 rev 1.0 with an i7 for my friend and that machine is awesome. You may be better off finding a ud2 rev 1.0 (everything works). The rev 1.1's onboard sound is incompatible. The ud3 is pretty good but I believe it had some problems. Anyway, check them out for their fantastic retail install setup. All of the ud* work, but you may have to buy extra sound and network etc.

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