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Pc shuting down when trying to leopard


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So i have a Gigabyte p31 whit an intel core 2 duo a nvidia geforcce 9600 gso 512 whit 1024 ddr2

and 4gig of ram and i was using windows 7 but after many viruses and oher **** i decided to install hackintosh as i done before on my dell laptop

But when i boot the iatkos 7 dvd it loads the startup screen and it shut down the entire pc

what can i do

I didnt change anithyng in bios can this be the problem i search for bios setting for my mobo on google but i didnt find anything







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Hpet should be Enabled in your bios, make sure your SATA's are set to AHCI if available


how long did you wait for your computer to boot to desktop? i wouldnt want to have those errors but but i think if you let go over night it might finally go to the desktop ;)

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