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What Does "boot -s" mean


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Okay, this is a totally noob question, and I acknowledge that, but I undertook this project to learn, so I decided to suck it up and ask this question. I have read a lot that when someone's system doesn't work anyone you can "boot -s". My system is working fine for now, so this questions is purely informational. If you could just let me know what this means and how the action is performed I'd be quite grateful.



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-s is single user mode. So if there is some problem with booting os x you get to a prompt where you can fix it.


And for all the other noobs who read this thread: you just type the different boot flags at the darwin bootloader or whatever you are using. So just stop the on screen countdown by pressing the button the screen says and use commands like -s, -x or -v to boot your system differently. There are lots of threads explaining what the different boot flags mean and do.

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