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    What Does "boot -s" mean

    -s is single user mode. So if there is some problem with booting os x you get to a prompt where you can fix it. And for all the other noobs who read this thread: you just type the different boot flags at the darwin bootloader or whatever you are using. So just stop the on screen countdown by pressing the button the screen says and use commands like -s, -x or -v to boot your system differently. There are lots of threads explaining what the different boot flags mean and do.
  2. psyjunta

    New ALC861VD ALC268 ALC660/660VD

    Lovely. I've got sound and even the built in hardware volume controls work. I've got a problem though, I haven't got a headphone output, it's just the onboard speakers, I haven't tried hooking my speakers in yet but I suspect it'll be the same. Anyone have a solution? Should I delete this driver and try another solution or can I add some other minor kext to get it working? Toshiba A200-1HR ISKAE Motherboard with ALC861d (From the manual, Vista showed it as a generic soundcard) Please reply. I will send candy.
  3. I agree. The information is hopelessly scattered over thousands of pages, the wiki is confusing, it assumes you already know what every acronym means and what it does. The whole community needs an overhaul imo. I bet I'm not gonna be popular now.
  4. psyjunta

    Blank Blue Screen?

    I don't get to actually install anything. I go from Darwin Bootloader to a blue screen. I'm pretty sure it's the graphics, you can hear that the computer isn't locked up. It makes noises and reads from the cd occassionally but nothing happens. Like it's waiting for me to click on something. I've seen that this seems quite common for people with Intel 945 card. Maybe I'm just too tired to see how they solved it, it's all a big mess in my head right now I didn't go with Snow Leopard, iAtkos caused a kernel panics and stuck bootloaders. I downloaded Leopard 10.5.6 (iPC distro) Liten värld
  5. psyjunta

    Blank Blue Screen?

    I'm upping, sorry but it's either this (updating my old thread) or posting a new one
  6. I'm upping this thread since I'm having the same issue. Boot won't load anything. The only thing I've tried of all the boot flags is -v. I get 4 lines instead of nothing... and it freezes again after that. I'm also curious to know if a regular Leopard install will do the trick or if there is something else going on. I tried the same cd on another computer (Core 2 Duo) and it loads up, it gets a kernel panic but at least it gets farther (it doesn't really matter since I won't be installing on that computer)
  7. psyjunta

    Blank Blue Screen?

    I've been playing around a bit with the iAktos S3 installation and it just freezes. I get to selection menu and that's it. I played around a bit with all the different strings like -f, -x, cpus=1 and a bunch more, combining them etc but it won't load anything. The only string that gets me somewhere is -v, but it stops after 4 lines and freezes again. What's going wrong here? I'm downloading iPC right now. Will another distro work or will the same thing happen?
  8. psyjunta

    Drivers, iATKOS_S3_V2

    Yes, kext-files are the equivalent of drivers. Find and download the appropriate kexts and patch your system with a program called osx86tools
  9. psyjunta

    Blank Blue Screen?

    Wow, thanks for the fast reply! I'll be back in a few hours with an update on how it went. One last thing, since my stuff seems compatible, I should go for a vanilla install, right? Återigen, tack för hjälpen.
  10. psyjunta

    Blank Blue Screen?

    First, I'm reusing my topic and expanding with a new question on it. Old post is below. I downloaded iPC 10.5.6 and everytime I boot up I come upon a blue blank screen after it loads all the necessary files. I've been googling all over and some native mac users suggest it's a thing called mDNSReporter acting up and causing the freeze. I flag -s -v and I get to a prompt after a while where I type in: /sbin/mount -uw / chmod 775 / exit This doesn't help. So I decided to use my google fu a bit more and came upon an old thread in this forum (Found here) The links to the fix is dead. It's suggested that it's my graphics causing the problem rather than mDNSResponder. My chipset is Intel i943/940GML. Are there any known (and more current) fixes around? And as I stated previously, when I'm done, I'm posting a full tutorial on my installation. I'm keeping records of what I'm doing on another computer so no one has to go through this exact same {censored} again. Giving back to the community and all. Peace OLD POST---------------------------------------------------------------------------------> The sheer amount of information available makes this a scary process. I've been searching and reading this forum for almost 6 hours now and I don't feel much wiser so I want to get some questions out of the way before I get started. First off, I want to know, which version is recommended to install? I couldn't find any specific info but I get the sense that Snow Leopard will offer more resistance before she lets me in, true or false? Second thing I want to get out of the way is my hardware setup. I have a laptop, an Equium A200-1HR (PSAE2E) to be more specific. It looks like this under the hood: CPU - Intel Pentium Dual Core T2080 @ 1.73 GHz (Supports SSE3) Graphics - Mobile Intel 945 Express Chipset Family, 256 Mb Motherboard - Toshiba Iskae, Chipset: Intel i943/940GML WiFi - Atheros AR5006EG Network - RTL8101E (Realtek?) Audio - Realtek High Definition ALC861D I know this isn't an easy question but if there are any tips to offer to make this easier I'll be thankful. I've already identified the graphics and wifi as a potential problem area. Are there any other things in my configuration that you know right off the bat that won't work? Any help will be greatly appreciated. When I get it all running I'll give back to the community with a wiki entry in the HCL-list and possibly tutorials with solutions for my model.