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editing com.apple.boot.plist in /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration has no effect


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Exactly as the topic states, I seem to be unable to cause any affect after changing any details in the com.apple.boot.plist file.

I am running an iPC 10.5.8 hackintosh, using the chameleon RC4 bootloader. Also, I seem to have no com.apple.boot.plist in the /Extra folder.

I really need to edit it so that I can change my resolution.


You see, after many hours of browsing and reading and false leads, it seems that the x4500 intel graphics is not natively supported on leopard, nor are there any kexts available for it. My Monitor runs at a resolution of 1680x1050, and my leopard install, in the system preferences only sees 1024x768 as the available resolution. So, at the startup, I boot with the "Graphics Mode"="1600x1200x32", since apparently using 1680x1050 instead doesn't change anything, but at 1600x1200 I get a better resolution than I normally get. The sad thing is even with this better resolution, I have a problem. I wish to not have to keep typing this resolution in the beginning of each of my boots, so I edited the com.apple.boot.plist file, including at first this:


<key>Graphics Mode</key>



to no effect, then this,


<key>Graphics Mode</key>



to no effect, then this,


<key>Kernel Flags</key>

<string>"Graphics Mode"="1680x1050x32"</string>


and finally this,


<key>Kernel Flags</key>

<string>"Graphics Mode"="1600x1200x32"</string>


to still no effect.


Why doesn't chanign the com.apple.boot.plist file do anything?


Help is much appreciated from this wonderful community that I have browsed for many years!

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Try without setting the bitdepth.


Thanks for the reply!

So, I removed the bitdepth and still no dough. My resolution still remains the same.

Also, it turns out that I can type "Graphics Mode"="1680x1050x32" during boot and get a resolution change, yet the screen is stretched.

Here's still hoping there's a possible fix to my problem :) .

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