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10.6.4, i7 930 on GB-X58-Ud7 rev2. Whats NOT working, help please!

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Hello fellow Hackintoshers


Thanks for all your help. Here is what I have going on now.


Sound Works - stereo only out of subwoofer jack, weird.


Both Ethernet ports work - every so often another ethernet jack is found (a 3rd jack) but it doesnt enable when I connnect a cable to either ports so thats weird.


Occassionally, the machine will give me black screen of death


Occassionally, the video card will show a static like look (like a tv with bad reception) so I turn monitor off, then on, and its fine.


Final Cut Studio 3.0 Apps had/have issues - Final Cut wouldnt start after firewire check, I found a fix on some other boards, seems ok. Motion, same story, seems ok now. COMPRESSOR - Crashes as soon as I click on it. Still no fix found! Plz help.


I also cannot find a TEMPERATURE application for OSX that will correctly locate my sensors.


My system:

CPU: Core i7 930 (not overclocked yet)

MB: Gigabyte X58-UD7 Rev.20

RAM: 12 GB 2000mhz Corsair ram

GPU: BFG 285ocx

H/D: 120 GB SSD, 2TB 7200 RPM HD

COOLING: STOCK till I Overclock

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