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  1. vjkevlar

    10.7.2 ION 9400M with QE/CI - No HW Acc HD video

    Any updates on this? I have an ion running 10.7.2 as well and would love to see full acceleration!
  2. vjkevlar

    Nvidia EVGA GTX 570HD SC

    I really appreciated the guide for 570 on Lion 10.7.3. IVe done everything you mention in the guide however I get nearly half your FPS in Cinebench. I have a core i7 990x, Gigabyte x58 UD7 and a Evga Gtx 570 HD with 2560 ram. I noticed that my NVHAL file doesnt look the same as yours, I did try to use the one in your guide but, I had 1280 resolution afterwards. I edited my original file and got a very slight increase. I also added my device ID to Applegraphicspowermanagement too. I DID install the Nvidia Update drivers but it may have slowed things down? Also, I have another installation of 10.7.2 that gets around 35fps, all same hard ware. Please help! Thanks! Kevlar