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Snow Leopard Install: No hard drive selectable


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Hey, so I've searched around on Google and here for a while and I can't seem to find anyone else with my problem.


I have Chameleon RC4, the EFI v10.6 boot file and the retail Snow Leopard DVD all onto a flash drive. I originally had Windows on the computer and was ready to wipe it all so I booted the flash drive, worked fine Installation windows appears. And I'm like, alright well I just need to format the Hard drive and I open Disk Utility, except... No hard drive ... there's only the flash drive displaying.


So I think, well maybe it's because Windows was on the disc so I ran DBAN which pretty much writes zeros to the hard drive cleaning it up -- still no luck.


The computer is a late 2008 Dell Vostro 200. When the Chameleon loader loaded up the first time with Windows still installed, that was an option to boot into, so it can clearly SEE the hard drive.




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Thanks for the replies guys,


I tried plugging the SATA drive in all other connections on my motherboard -- still no luck. Also, sirbow2 I unfortunately don't have the option of AHCI only IDE and RAID. I wasn't sure why this was and Google'd around a bit and didn't really see where it was mandatory that you have an AHCI option.


Any other suggestions?



Edit: In IDE and RAID I would type "diskuntil list" into Terminal and the drive would never make an appearance with those different settings.

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