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Install Chameleon RC4 bootloader without OSX

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I have searched the forums and googled everywhere and I cant find an answer or get help with my question.

I have a dual boot setup on my laptop with Ubuntu on one half and Windows 7 on the other, Im still trying to get OSX to run on my laptop and have a thread on here for it. Anyway, I want to use Chameleon RC4 as my bootloader for my setup and I cant figure out how to do it, or if its even possible without OSX installed, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The Chameleon bootloader is comprised of three parts: boot, boot0, and boot1h.

Belongs in the root directory of the HFS+ partition. It contains stuff for chameleon. As you may have guessed, this is where some of the files are stored as Chameleon is larger than 512 bytes.

It belongs in the MBR. If you install it, it will erase your partition table. It will do so because the chameleon bootloader belongs in the MBR. The last hundred or so bytes contain information about partitions. If you can figure out how to install only the first 4xx or something bytes, then that is what we need to do. The bundled fdisk automatically does this.

Belongs in the superblock of the HFS+ partition that BOOT is in (the superblock is like the MBR of each partition).

BACKUP DATA AS ALL DATA WILL BE LOST IN THE TARGET HARD DRIVE!!! All you have to do is create a HFS+ partition and mark it active as outlined here. It doesn't have to be large, 50MB is plenty. Boot your linux and use dd to write BOOT0 and BOOT1h. Mount your HFS+ partition and put BOOT in its home. Since you have now lost everything, reboot into a Window$/Linux/OSx86 installer CDVD and start rebuilding.


If you want, I'll make you the dd commands. IMHO, I wouldn't do this, GRUB2 is fine for me.

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