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Can i boot mac on my laptop


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I have a Pakard Bell Easynote TJ71, i am goin to college next year and will need access to final cut pro, instead of buying a new mac, i would like to know if i can dual boot my pc?


My specs are:


  • AMD Turion ll X2 M500, 2.0Ghz Dual-Core
  • 2x 2Gb Memory
  • AMD M880G with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200
  • I have windows 7 home premium Os installed

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I would suggest, other than doing some research here on the forums, would be to download a distro, say Hazard 10.6.2, buy a 16 gb flash drive, and try to install.


A quick (ten minute) search on your laptop and through these forums showed that there are no posts on your chipset or audio, so if you don't have out of the box support you are on your own. IF you really want to try a hack, pick up a laptop that has a lot of support on these forums, then you have something to fall back on if you can't get it to work. I would suggest something intel, a few minute research on these forums will give you many options, I myself have an Inspiron 1525 that you can get on eBay for less than $200 bucks. Runs Snow Leopard like a champ.

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From looking at your specs, I belief it will install, but I don't know what it will take to get audio working, that will probably be the biggest hurdle (I don't know what chipset your wifi is, that could be an issue too). A DSDT might work, but you'll have to do some research. If you have a spare flash drive or external USB hard drive that you can format then give it a go, Hazard is pretty straight forward, you can find it at the green demon or the bay of pirates.


Try Legacy kernel, boot loader, no patches (I've had issues with them on tricky installs) and try to install drivers (kexts) that match your hardware (ie ATI support)

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