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GA-X58A-UD3R Nullspots DSDT with further mods

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Hi Guys,


I find everything works very well sleep, wake up, however the Graphics card I use is a GTX260 and that works fine. However i cannot ger an MSI R5770 Hawk to work.


I have copied the latest ATI drivers into S/L/E with a kext utility, repaired permissions, however with the R5770 card installed after 15 spins of the wheel there is a KP. This appears to be due to the fact that it is trying to locate the Nvidia card and the KP happens when it cannot find it.


The Nulspot DSDT has references to Nvidia and I think this might be the problem, i have tried deleting the Nvidia references in the DSDT but cannot recompile the .aml due to the number of errors.


Put the GTX260 back and all is fine. I would like to get the R5770 working as it is physically smaller and uses less power and runs cooler..


Anythoughts/help wud be appreciated, the DSDT I am using is copied above and as stated it is Nulspots version with further edits recommended by macman.



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