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Custom AMD boot-132


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hey you reading this sentence right now...


I am trying to install OSX onto my AMD machine, and i don't have access to a mac at all. no friends own one, and if i could afford one myself i wouldn't be writing this right now.


After hours of forum reading, i found a way to boot OSX onto my machine, but i need a mac which kinda puts me into a stupid position.


Would anyone please just help me with 1 step, and that is creating the custom boot-132 .iso file for me that my system can run on. I will attach everything you need, and a link to the instructions. 


The instructions are at AMD boot-132 customisation


Just follow the sections that read 'Part Two - Creating a Boot-132 CD for AMD'


All the files you need is attached at the bottom. If anyone can help i would be epically great full!!!!


My specs are:


AMD Phenom II X4 3.2GHz quadcore

Gigabyte GA-MA785GMT-UD2H

ATI Radeon Hd4850 graphics

4GM DDR3 1033MHz RAM

SATA HDD and DVD drive




THe only .kext file that i can find that needs adding is the seatbelt.kext which can be found HERE (rapidshare)



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