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I have been trying for the past week to get a Vanilla SL install booted on my system. I can complete the install from a USB stick. When booting for the first time I get the "appletymcedriver" message, then the system freezes.


I have tried searching the forums and most of the responses lean towards the Video card being the root cause.


I am using the latest version of Chameleon.


I have tried with Graphics Enabler On.

I have tried with Graphics Enabler Off and the latest version of NVEnabler.kext in my extra folder.

I get the same message when I try booting in safe mode.


I would appreciate any suggestions or help on troubleshooting this issue.


My hardware:



EVGA 260

i7 930


500GB snow leopard install/boot drive.

1TB Windows drive.


Thank you!

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