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Team Fortress 2 CRASHES

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For some reason, I can't play for TF2 more than 30 minutes before it crashes on my Hackintosh.







I tried running in windowed mode, disabled multicore rendering, enabled VSync and even lowered all graphic options. No go.

I'm running it native (via steam for mac).


No errors or anything, it just quits the game. I also remembered having one crash with my copy of FM10, that acted just the same. But that wasn't on steam.


Any ideas? I can't go to steam support, obviously...


Thanks in advance guys. :D

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Don't use 10.5 Leopard - barely playable due to {censored} driver-software interaction in 10.5.8 with nvidia cards


Don't use 10.6.4 default nvidia drivers, either get the Graphics Update for 10.6.4 or update to 10.6.5


Those two things above are related to Nvidia driver problems mostly. Works good now in 10.6.5

Unless you have some other problem....

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