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No sound on 10.5.2


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Hi ..

I installed Kalyway 10.5.2 but my sound dosent work

I tried all the day with no success :(

I tried alot of drivers, i reinstalled the OS like 4 times ..

Still no success :( x2


I dont know what is my Sound card but my Mobo is : http://www.buy.com/prod/ecs-goal-3-plus-se.../205663960.html


CPU-Z Audio device:

  1. Description Audio device
  2. Location bus 0 (0x00), device 2 (0x02), function 7 (0x07)
  3. Common header
  4. Vendor ID 0x1039
  5. Model ID 0x7012
  6. Revision ID 0xA0
  7. PI 0x00
  8. SubClass 0x01
  9. BaseClass 0x04
  10. Cache Line 0x00
  11. Latency 0x40
  12. Header 0x00
  13. PCI header
  14. Address 0 (port) 0x0000D800
  15. Address 1 (port) 0x0000D400
  16. Subvendor ID 0x1019
  17. Subsystem ID 0x1880
  18. Int. Line 0x12
  19. Int. Pin 0x03
  20. PCI capability
  21. Caps class Power Management
  22. Caps offset 0x48
  23. Caps version 1.1

I tried like ten different driver .. still no success ..:(

If someone can help me ..I will be verrrry happy :(



(and sorry for my english .. im french)

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