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Random Freeze's/Lock-up's


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Hey everyone, I have all features working except sleep on my Ga-p55a-ud4p. Except for this pesky issue i have been having with random freeze's. It usually just manifests itself to individual applications(safari allot of the time b/c i am using it the most) but all applications have randomly crashed at some point. Once in a while i will get the the system needs to be restarted error(only noticed while playing video). The other related issue here is when i leave the computer and come back some hours latter it is almost always locked up. I move the mouse hit keys on the kb and no dice. This also is fairly random. Any ideas on what i can do to diagnose this issue? If i can at least find what it is related to i can try and resolve the issue.

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Just a (possibly unrelated) question, but how much RAM do you have. I had 512MB and got KP's if I left it alone too long/used it intensively. It's only KPed once since I added another 512 stick.


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