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Read write access to removable drives


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It is possible to read and write NTFS drives in OS X. You can take steps to enable native support within OS X to do this (just google "read write ntfs os x" and you'll see some walk throughs.) Or your other option that is a little bit more user friendly option is the application that I use called NTFS Mounter. I must add a disclaimer that NTFS is not officially supported in OS X by either Apple or Microsoft. Any use of an ntfs formatted volume is at your own risk and I have heard stories of people losing data. That being said I use it regularly for large external drives that have to be shared between Windows and OS X and I have never had a problem. Hopefully that helps you out. (Oh and PS if you want to see if the drive is NTFS or not just plug it in, select it when it appears on your desktop, and press command+i. It will pop up all the information about the drive including it's format)

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