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  1. Making a DSDT for Dell Inspiron 15R (N5110) sandy bridge

    Thank You Very Much
  2. Making a DSDT for Dell Inspiron 15R (N5110) sandy bridge

    send_me.zip Thanks
  3. Making a DSDT for Dell Inspiron 15R (N5110) sandy bridge

    I happen to have not the i3 or i7 models, but the one in the middle, the i5 model! So is someone able to make a DSDT for the i5 and complete the DSDT collection for this laptop model?
  4. I've got the instructions for Installing Snow Leopard onto my Dell n5110 working. Lion is proving a little trickier. I've downloaded the GM build of Lion, how do I install this? I tried the "I think this is too easy to work method" of just running the installer, but when I reboot after the first preparation screen, it just boots straight back into my Snow Leopard desktop". So I'm guessing it's a little trickier to do this. So how did you people who installed Lion do it? Can you provide a guide?
  5. Wondering if anyone had any suggestions or solutions on one of the final problems to fix in my near perfect HacBook Pro (Dell Inspiron 6400 with the Intel Integrated GMA950 Graphics card) running OS X 10.6.6. As many other people are having difficulty with, I'm having difficulty with it resuming from sleep (hibernatemode 1 - aka a proper hibernate, not sleep really). I power on the laptop, the Chameleon Bootloader appears, then the gray progess bar appears, not apple logo (which means it's resuming from a hibernate image) and then it switches back to chameleon for a brief second with the message "Wake Kernel!" then I come to a black screen with my mouse cursor. It's essentially frozen. If I move the mouse, it moves the cursor moves a tiny bit, but not very far. One time it actually displayed the password screen it should have when it wakes from sleep, but again, the mouse didn't move properly (again, just small bits at a time), the keyboard didn't work and eventually moving my mouse over a button and clicking it did nothing. So as you can see, I'm close - it's not Kernel Panicing, The display is resuming properly, it's just slowing down to such a point that it's basically unresponsive. Any suggestions, solutions?
  6. [Help] Choosing Distro

    I've found the distros aren't as good as a Vanilla install from something like [url=&quot;http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/&quot;]#####[/url] or Boot-132 because you get all this extra stuff in distros that you don't know's been added which could cause problems.
  7. Read write access to removable drives

    they need to be HFS or FAT formatted, then you can write to them.
  8. QuadBoot : Vista/Seven/Ubuntu/Osx86(iATKOS S3 V2)

    I managed to get this situation working fine on my machine. I now have Windows 7, Windows XP, OS X 10.5 and Ubuntu 10.10 all on one machine. But I used 2 seperate drives, so OS X bootloader didn't wipe out anything on the other drive.
  9. Iatkos S3 V2, Verry Slow loading and reading speed

    I've stopped using discs like iATKOS, because they simply make too many changes from Vanilla that you're unaware of, so diagnosing problems becomes harder. That's what I've found anyway.
  10. Introduce yourself.

    I'm Andrew Tech Help. I've been a member of this for nearly 3 years and have only posted 3 times (in a few threads) and I come back and I can't post in any other places on the forum except here because of some rules that apparently apply to new users (I'm not new). So I'll just have to post here 7 more times and then I can ask my proper question where it belongs...
  11. Thanks for all the info above. I now have My Trackpad working using VoodooPS2Controller and shockingly and I dunno how this worked, but I can scroll using 2 fingers down the middle of the trackpad, I didn't think that was possible on the Dell Inspiron 6400. * I still have the sleep issue and that's obviously going to stay for now, will keep checking for updates. * My screen still flashes and shakes for 10 seconds when I pull it out from the AC - very strange, can anyone help with this? * My Sigmatel 9200 Speakers and Headphones work fine and appear in Sound Preferences, the Mic In also appears in the Sound Preferences but when you plug a Mic in - the level bar does not move, it doesn't detect the input - any answers about that either? * Wireless 3945 - but yay, project camphor seem to be posting new screenshot updates every few days now - I reckon they'll be ready by end end of Winter/Beginning of spring in August/September * I cannot read my Olympus XD Picture card using the card reader even after that patch, only SD cards. Other than that, my Hackintosh works great - that's to everyone in the community who makes this possible and any answers on the 2 questions in bold would be just lovely
  12. I'm Running 10.5.7 with my Dell Inspiron 6400 - someone's made a new Dual core kernel compatible with 10.5.7, works well. I started with iDeneb 1.3 (10.5.5) DVD http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=117558 Things I have working Full GMA950 graphics - using screen sleeper on boot Bluetooth Battery Meter using ACPIBattery.kext Sigmatel 9200 Audio + Headphones Wireless via a D-Link DWL-G122 adapter running RT73 drivers. Things I know will work but haven't done yet Trackpad Things that don't work Non SD Cards in card reader - not really worried Mic Port Wireless (3945, I know about this - checkout project camphor ( http://projectcamphor.mercurysquad.com/ ) - awesome news today about their wireless drivers - I reckon they'll be done by the end of Winter in July/August Sleep - Same problem as forumer before - everything is set up, and Hibernatemode is on 1 and Secure Virtual Memory disabled, EFIv9 installed etc, but Kernel Panic on resume because it does normal sleep as opposed to deepsleep. Small weird issue with the screen that I haven't seen before. Only happens on the iDeneb installs - an iAtkos v1.0 install that's upgraded to 10.5.7 on same laptop doesn't do this and this happened from first bootup on iDeneb. When I unplug the Power and it switches to battery mode - the screen will start flashing and shaking for about 10 secs before returning to normal - it's very strange and I don't know why. Any ideas?
  13. Hmmm - I think it's a good idea you try iATKOS 1.0. It worked for me and i'm up to 10.5.4 with the 9.4 kernel with no problem from using the iATKOS 1.0 disc. I'm used to reading about PS/2 Keyboards not working and USBs working - not having USBs fail. What is everyone elses experiences?