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[Guide] How to install an ATI Radeon HD 5X70


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Since Apple has updated its Mac Pro and iMac with ATI HD 5xxx series, All HD 57xx / 58xx and 5970 are compatible with Mac OS X 10.6.4.




For do this, we must

- A hackintosh with Mac OSX 10.6.4

- The Driver (source Netkas)

- ATY Init (source Netkas)

- Kext Utility

- Kext Helper


For Now, Drivers only works in 32 bits mode, it will then boot into -x32 -v at startup


Above all, we must remove previous injectors, as NVenabler, NVinject or GraphicsEnabler=No


All kexts are moving in the folder System/Library/Extensions (commonly called S/L/E)

Thanks to Kext helper software that you install them by dragging these kexts in the software window.

Then click Easy Install. You will be asked for your user password.


Then I urge you to use to rebuild your Extensions.mkext with Kext Utility, espacially the S/L/E.


it's easy to redo the S/L/E, just double click on the icon of kexts utility and enter the user password.

The software will be autonomous.

To redo the file Extensions.mkext which is in the folder Extra, then you simply drag & drop the file extensions folder on the icon of the software.


Finally above all he must not forget to edit your file com.apple.boot.plist (Extra folder), by putting the GraphicsEnabler to N instead of Y (or Yes)


You can reboot.


On reboot, do not forget to write the command "-x32 -v" when choosing your startup disk, without this command you will have a kernel panic.


Thank you ti Netkas for files, and the community Hackintosh for info that I caught right and left to get there.


And excuse me for my very bad English (i'm french)





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