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Will this build be fully compatible with OSX?

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I work at my school as a Student Tech Admin. At our Help Desk, we currently have a 2x2ghz dual core xeon mac pro. We are looking to upgrade, and our budget is whatever we can get for our mac pro, which is about $1,100. I need to find a build that is FULLY compatible with all versions of OSx.

We will be doing lots video editing, administration, and some gaming.


I was wondering if this build would work:


Core i5 750 (quad)

Gigabyte ga-h55m-s2 1156

Gigabyte 4850 1gb ddr3

g-skill ripjaws 4gb ddr3 1333

Wd caviar green 2tb

Kingston SSD Now V Series SNV425-S2 64GB (Boot drive)

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I dont have any of that hardware, but...

if by all versions of osx you mean snow leopard then i think you will be able to run it. leopard has probably got a good chance of running as well, but Id be surprised if tiger would run considering the board and gpu

you should consult google about the ALC888B audio, the 8111E ethernet, and probably the h55 northbridge(almost certainly working)

Im thinking about this board myself

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