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  1. Will this build be fully compatible with OSX?

    I dont have any of that hardware, but... if by all versions of osx you mean snow leopard then i think you will be able to run it. leopard has probably got a good chance of running as well, but Id be surprised if tiger would run considering the board and gpu you should consult google about the ALC888B audio, the 8111E ethernet, and probably the h55 northbridge(almost certainly working) Im thinking about this board myself
  2. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    fishinrocks, good {excrement deleted} homie! i do believe the magic lies in the pciroot of 1 in boot plist generated by that myhack package Im fully running now with 3d acceleration and dual monitors on my evga gtx470. there is definitely noticeable tearing when moving windows around but cinema 4d and steam games(tf2, etc) are running great. Will experiment further with efi strings, the NVFERMI.Fix.kext(so that using vanilla kexts may be possible), and the provided bootloaders and will post my findings/benchmarks as things develop(or fall back apart)
  3. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    vjkevlar, please look at the screenshots on post one, then compare the xbench score in the ss to your own. if I understand correctly, IF you manage to get qe/ci and resolution functional, there is still vsync and powermizer(as in, the board doesnt step up the clock when the os needs it to) to think of. It looks like gtx480 is the most cut-and-dry solution, but not worth it if its for osx only as you may only be running at the lowest powermizer profile(for instance, my gtx260 smashes the 480's score in the xbenches ive seen). to answer your other questions - on my evga 470, idles are around 70, loads never above 81, and fan always around 40-50%. was it hard to get working? Ill let u know when I get it working(fingers crossed for fishinrocks95 method)... and it appears that nobody has zero hiccups yet(forumers, correct me if im wrong) - from reading the thread alone you can be sure that an upgrade is not going to gain you anything especially if you are relying on it for VJing (likely will take a performance hit until better support comes along) hope this helps also would like to note(not singling out vjkevlar), it is accumulation of posts like this that cause threads to become blown up and thus a tough read for everyone - please read what's here before making additions
  4. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    Im not really sure. It could be that this thread has blown up and therefore i missed something due to its size, but It appears as though there is not yet an explanation for why the system loads NVDAGF100 and then proceeds to send no signal at all to the monitor
  5. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    I cannot get this method to work, and you have crossed out the second line with no explanation. could you please help me out with the steps you are currently using to run the EVGA GTX 470? I either get no qe/ci, or if I enter the proper ids (0x06cd10de&0xfff0ffff - assuming the 0 in the center of that was a typo?) then when i boot I get no video to the screen at all, though the system responds to keystrokes and otherwise works fine. as expected, I also get this result(no video) when loading the nvfermi.fix.kext from /E/E/
  6. hello, I have followed these instructions exactly and I must say my snow leopard installation is almost perfect. I have even managed to eliminate the need for using AHCI by using the "no ahci" kext provided by netkas(http://netkas.org/?p=125) and then rebuilding the kextcache.mkext this being said, I can not manage to get the onboard ethernet to connect. I patched the dsdt exactly as detailed in the instructions(trying to add the supplied code to pex4 or pex5), and adding to pex4 yields a working file that sees the ethernet and has fully working audio. At boot, it lists out the ethernet mac address and systemprefs > network sees the device in addition to firewire(also note that I get the same result from the dsdt.aml provided in this guide). However, it refuses to get an IP. It just sits there with a self assigned IP is there any way to fix this? it seems like ethernet should be a no brainer but for some reason its got me stumped. i am using the rev 1.1 of this board, but both 1.0 and 1.1 use 8111C so i dont think it could be discrepancy with revision. I am also using bios f9, but nothing about my setup has given me issues with LAN in 10.5 so its got to be the dsdt.aml or something else specific to snow leopard thanks for any help you all can provide
  7. NVIDIA 9 Series Driver Installer v2

    this driver really delivers. my only gripe is that it breaks sleep, in a very subtle way - read my earlier post for details. the benefits and costs seem pretty consistent across 9800gt, gtx, and gtx+, bfg and evga however, it beats windows and nvinject(8800gts efi and/or nvinstaller vanilla or 512mb) in cinebench. I use cinebench because I use cinema4d, but I consider it a credible source for graphic board testing, I ran four tests each and here are the results 9seriesv2driver--- 7491..7505..7508..7468 / 4 = 7493 windows xp x86 driver182.08--- 6406..6363..6424..6347 / 4 = 6385 8800gts efi string + nvinject vanilla + nvi 512--- 7491..7523..7491..7458 = 7490.75 I'd like to add that in addition to winning in the benchmarks I ran, the fan speed was allowed to be controlled by the vbios as occurs with windows and linux (i do however feel that this is way to lax. Id not be surprised if i saw an overheat soon in any of these os's, but particularly leopard where temperature is not readable) so, maybe only four tests was not enough to determine a winner? if anyone really needs more bench's to be sure, hit me up. but in the couple days ive spent tinkering with different driver combinations, this driver wins in performance and quietness, which for me was worth trading sleep/wake for restart/shutdown for your reference, hardware used for benchmarks was- ud3r motherboard evga 9800gtx+ 512 graphic board q6600 @ 3.53 GHz 4GB ddr2 ocz reaper ~1045MHz thankyou to aquamac
  8. Modded ALC662 & Sigmatel 9223 with codec verbs

    i second this for p5gc-mx, works perfectly using the verbs version and after removing applehda and alcinject and dropping into kexthelper
  9. NVIDIA 9 Series Driver Installer v2

    hello and thankyou for this installer Im having a peculiar issue with the card that ive not been able to find a solution for, though ive seen it mentioned at least once while searching the forums I have a bfg 9800 gt 512mb and my issue is that when waking from sleep the mouse tracking acts up. i cant pinpoint the source and there seem to be no other adverse effects to sleep besides this when the machine wakes, the screen is frozen for a few seconds and only one display is active - eventually the second display returns and the screen animates(clock, istat, temperature monitor, etc all begin to update) but the cursor will jump around and randomly accelerate or decelerate when moving the mouse - sometimes it will jump to a spot and freeze for a second as well. I disabled ehci handoff in the bios and this seemed to make the freeze shorter, but once control is returned the mouse still does the same thing I previously used a bfg 7900 gt oc 256mb and sleep was flawless. in order to get all 512mb showing for this card i used NVinstaller v.52 and then installed your NVIDIA_9000_Series_Driver_v2 and on boot everything is perfect until sleeping and waking. I tried using a couple EFI strings with no luck so far i have tested on 10.5.4 (5 and 6 break sleep entirely, among other things despite patching), using vanilla, voodoo, and sleep kernels does anyone have similar issues or know of what might be causing it? I'm going to try to do some experimental installs to another partition to see if i cant shed some light on this and will post back my findings but in the mean time id really appreciate any help you all can offer Thanks! EDIT a few hours later.... it seems to be a bit more deep rooted than just the cursor. it seems to be an overall stepping issue, because even entering keystrokes has periods of latency. i tried disabling speedstep in the bios but no change. this just smells of an incompatibility at the kernel level but i have no idea what that even means in terms of a fix :-)
  10. gotta love how everyone jumped on this board :-) i have a live leopard i built on a usb hdd which booted oob, so i can certainly attest to the osx friendliness of this board. at boot i got gpu, temperature sensors, all 4 threads, and accurate smbios readings. from here i installed kalyway 10.5.2 followed by chameleon to an ide and it would not boot. the bios seems a bit finniky but this was unexpected since the usb install worked fine. does anyone have any thoughts on this? EDIT i pulled two drives, one sata(mbr) and one ide(guid) from another box, both with osx86 installs on them that booted without even forcing a reload (-f), so no its just a matter of finding another test drive to verify its a disk issue and not something weird about installs that are done from this board - again, if anyone has any insight into this, holler :-)
  11. GeForce 6600GT QE/CI stopped working

    I have the same issue. when using kaly 10.5.2 and running the normal steps for combo update, or using a custom leopard live i made to install kaly 10.5.2 and the combo update to 10.5.5 neither gets me the qe ci i have so effortlessly in 10.5.2 I've gotten it before in 10.5.5 so it seems to be hit or miss, but in my last couple(as well as previous) attempts at replacing Extensions/AppleNDRV or the NVDA* kexts i get no love furthermore, replacing any of the GeForce* kexts actually breaks the system, where at boot i have a cursor and a black screen and nothing else ill be anxiously watching to see if anyone hammers a solution down since as i mentioned, this seems to be a hit or miss kind of scenario
  12. [How to] Asus P5K-VM guide

    the g35 chipset shouldnt be an issue. the main problem is the jmicron paired with ich9, but it seems to only be effected by the use of IDE devices, so if this controller is disabled and the system is in AHCI you shouldnt have any issues
  13. [How to] Asus P5K-VM guide

    hw specs: nv 7900 gt oc, q6600 @ 3.5, 4GB 1066, 2 SATA HD on the ICH9's, 1 SATA DVD on the Jmicron (SATA port 4) sw specs: Kaly 10.5.2 -> Combo Update 10.5.4(with all the standard fixes post kext replacements for audio/video/etc), Chameleon replacing PCEFI, nvinject(qe/ci), alc883 fully working, firewire and usb all perfect, sleep and wake work indefinately with no side effects i use this board as an audio workstation without issues, although mainly using acid pro through vmware also do a great bit of graphic design and c++ development with no issues the issue about 4GB could be the cause of my panics that occur about 2% of the time during load, but this can also be attributed to the jmicron controller or using IDE mode instead of AHCI, so the consensus is dont use the JMB IDE and enable AHCI -> I recently pulled the IDE and disabled the jmicron controller in the bios, and am running 4GB ram without any issues so far, knock on wood halt has never worked consistently since i left Tiger for Leopard, so instead I reboot and then have grub halt the system after 60s if I dont choose an os(choosing leopard goes to darwin loader(chameleon) if this sounds confusing- i run ubuntu and xp as well but leopard uses chameleon, piggybacked off of grub, but i digress ...) my current problem is this - sometimes on reboot the machine will just hang as it does on halt, where everything turns off but the psu. no big deal except... if I hard reboot or kill the psu when this happens, when I restart the machine my BIOS is reset! does anyone have this issue or know of a solution? this issue has only occured recently, and the only changes to my setup I can think of are the use of chameleon or the upgrade to 10.5.4, but even these have been going strong for some time before this. it could be a chicken before the egg problem here (as in i lost a crucial setting when the bios reset) but does anyone have any specific recommendations for bios settings that i may be overlooking
  14. Installation woes using any leopard hackintosh cd!

    mobile2go, could you tell me how exactly you're setup on your 945gcm5 v2 (ie drive type(ide/sata), leopard installer, bios version)??? i have the h.7 bios, which is the only one i could find, and the installer will only run if the ioapic option is disabled im running kalyway 10.5.1 but i have iAtkos 1.0ir as well and both of these flawlessly install on my other box, but kalyway is the only installer that even runs on this board(not even ToH, or my many flavors of tiger will work).when i boot up after installing in verbose, regardless of the ioapic option or setting cpus=1, i get to: MAC framework successfully initialized using 10485 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers...and it just hangs here for eternity. this also seems to be the issue with alot of other installers that will reach this point and hang, if they didnt just go into a reboot loop - but kalyway actually installs, just doesnt boot thereafter above here it says "appleacpiplatform" has immediate dependencies on com.apple.kernel and com.apple.kpi --- but it seems to move passed that without issues - my screen basically looks like the screenshot in post one without the last three lines If you or anyone has any ideas i'd greatly appreciate it - i thought this board was an ideal mack considering it has the 945 chipset :-) so im hoping i wasnt wrong
  15. [How to] Asus P5K-VM guide

    ok, I actually just got the kalyway 10.5.1 and it was too easy. i didnt have to hack a single file, it just simply worked. I installed to another partition on my tiger disk with ahci(not nessecary though) and i used the acpi patch and the vanilla kernel with the MBR EFI bootloader. I havnt tried booting by itself, but from Ubuntu's grub i can boot windows, tiger and leopard with no issues. The ALC 883 worked and I have an ATI card which needed no kext patching to get qe/ci, just the ati inject and ati x19**. The only annoying thing is that with ahci turned on, it mounts all your disks as externals so that fu*king timemachine pops up alot, but once i get my broadcom chipped wireless card ill get rid of tiger and ahci. a word to the wise for leopard users in general too - I would filter out disks other than your leopard partition from the spotlight, otherwise u get the mds process eating all your cpu - i hear quicksilver is a good alternate to spotlight also but i havnt tested it yet also i tried the intel x1300 installer form one of these other ten leo installs i got(cant remember which one - maybe ToH) and it appears not to work but ati and nvidia seem to be pretty solid