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Need help with 2 pieces of hardware

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Okay so I got XxX OS X 10.4.11 Rev2 (Latest) up and running on my toshiba 1905 S301

I had to format the HD in MBR and only select SSE2 and ICH9 to boot into the system from the harddrive

it uses the ICH2 (Brookdale) Chipset

I also had to use the latest pcmcia family kext and move the pccard and pcicard kexts to a different folder other than S*/L*/Exensions/ otherwise immediate KP would occur on next boot.

I followed the guide to get the ATI Mobility Radeon M6 16mb video card to work,

I do have full resolution and changing the resolution to 1024x768 @ 70hz fixed my overscan issues,

Generic AC97 Audio fixed my audio problem, and even though my ethernet port doesnt work,

Intel 100 or w,e gets OS X to recognize the ethernet.

So everything seemed ok, id start os x and it would see my wireless and video card however,

QE doesnt work, Opengl I hadnt tested,

and when i try to connect to a wireless router, it says airport not configured but it does see my WPC54GS V2.1

its a pcmcia card, if anyone could help me at least getting the wireless working correctly itd make my day

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